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Author Topic: 100% Segmented Team Run  (Read 333745 times)
Special Guay

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« on: June 26, 2010, 06:29:34 PM »

Most recent update:
New route completed! Segments going quickly, so get some work in!

Discussion topic for the current segment
Route: HERE (Last updated 1/16/2012)

Original post:
Whereas a 100% segmented speedrun of OoT is notoriously long, difficult, and time consuming;
Noting that all OoT runners have specific sections of the game they are good at and bad at;
Further noting that SDA does allow you to use multiple files for a segmented run provided that everything is consistant between segments;

I hereby propose we at ZSR do a 100% segmented run, together. This means that anyone with a DVD recorder could work on the next segment, assuming they create a file completely consistant with the last. The final submission to ZSR/SDA would be a compilation of multiple runners' work.

Consistancy is not difficult to manage - just make sure seeds/nuts/magic/etc line up properly. The one major difficulty is time of day: it is very hard if not impossible to have two runs match that up perfectly. Thus, whoever runs the overworld sections will have to run all overworld sections, until the next time-resetting event (such as becoming adult, watching a special cutscene, or learning a song). However, anybody could contribute to non-time flowing areas, such as dungeons, sub-dungeons, Kokiri Forest, Kakriko Village, Gerudo Fortress, and more.

Before starting, we obviously need a route. To make a route for such a complicated division, I suggest we have a team of people working on it (instead of just me, no way will I catch everything and I'm rubbish HPs, etc). If brianmp could help that would be great, but I fear he might be long gone. Based on the route, we also have decide whether we want to run N64 1.0 or GC, as both have pros and cons associated with them.

It is feasible to do segments out of order, but I would high recommend against it. Who knows what small timesavers may be found as we go along, and those could mess with things like bomb counts or c-items.

Would anyone actually be interested in this? I'm going to double-check with SDA right now to make sure this okay.

Completed segments:

Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Segment 5
Segment 6
Segment 7
Segment 8
Segment 9
Segment 10
Segment 11
Segment 12
Segment 13
segment 14
Segment 15
Segment 16
Segment 17
Segment 18
Segment 19
Segment 20
Segment 21
Segment 22
Segment 23
Segemnt 24
Segment 25
Segment 26

Segment 27 save
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move over Chidori, time to spam infinite Susano'o

« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2010, 06:42:36 PM »

if it was on VC, it would be way easier since the runner could just upload the save for the next one to download it and not worry about anything matching up.

i guess you could add this as a VC advantage.

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I'm not your buddy, guay!

« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2010, 06:45:25 PM »

Epic idea; I'm definitely interested.

runnerguy your such a mother fucker. whats with all this bombchu shit? all everyone who likes this shit is stupid. ur a fucking cheater. u did that the wrong way, thats not how to get past the king zora u cheater. u suck and i wont continue watching all ur shit! videos.
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« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2010, 06:47:10 PM »

Version advantages:

1.0 is theorized to be the only one that can get Zora Tunic without unfreezing KZ (excluding shop)
All other segments could be run by 1.0, 1.1, or 1.2 since no differences are present
Probably owned by the most people

Some prefer the controls *coughZFG* (though this is also true for N64)
Void hovering (not sure if this would be used anywhere yet)

Could easily send files, so anyone could run any segment assuming they had an SD card
HOWEVER lacks above glitches that N64/GC get access too, and not owned by as many people

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tokay stole ma shovel

« Reply #4 on: June 26, 2010, 06:52:48 PM »

I'm interested, but I don't know how much I'd be able to help.

Also, is this even SDA legal?

[00:09:38] <%Runnerguy2489> .entranta
[00:09:42] <%Runnerguy2489> .etrnats
[00:09:42] <%Runnerguy2489> fuck
[00:09:45] <+Zero> lol
[00:09:46] <%Runnerguy2489> .etrants
[00:09:48] <%Runnerguy2489> FUCK
Special Guay

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« Reply #5 on: June 26, 2010, 06:54:12 PM »

I'm fairly sure it is ZSR legal, and it is likely SDA legal. Something similar has been done before, but with enough differences in process to warrant double checking.

Mega Guay

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also pheenoh <3

« Reply #6 on: June 26, 2010, 06:57:07 PM »

Really cool idea, I have all versions so I'd be able to help no matter what version is chosen (though obviously I'd prefer GC Tongue)

I for one think that there are no glitches in OoT. It's just gameshark codes.

RBA stands for Rare Bird Adventure. We call it that because we need to get the blue cucco in order to use it.
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« Reply #7 on: June 26, 2010, 07:10:53 PM »

This sounds interesting, even somebody like me would be able to help if I specialized in something. Problem for me is that I only have 1.1 and VC.

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« Reply #8 on: June 26, 2010, 07:14:17 PM »

I'm interested. I have all versions, except for N64 1.0, 1.2, and jpn.

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« Reply #9 on: June 27, 2010, 09:11:40 PM »


By ZFG, Pokey, Runnerguy, RingRush

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:
WESS escape
Fairy Ocarina
WESS to kakriko
4 cuccos
Cucco dive to well

Segment 4:
Stick from pot
Open Actor Glitch door (no glitch)
Deku Shield
Like Like room for Hylian Shield + GS [1GS]
Actor glitch
Dead hand
LoT + 99R chest [99 R]
Clip for Chus

Segment 5:
Finish cuccos for bottle
To market
Crate GS in market [2GS]
GS in tree near castle [3GS]
Wake Talon
Avoid cheating guards
ZL w/ CS skip [9 C]

Segment 6:
Lost Woods warp
Goron city warp [8 C]
Up to top
HP above DC [3.25 H]
Blow up DC and put bugs in hole [7 C] [4GS]
Enter and save

Segment 7:
Blow open wall [6 C]
GJ to switch [5 C]
Chu down staircase [4 C]
Chu megaflip to bomb bag [3 C]
Press switch to raise platform to upper level
Light eyes with bombs
GS in far room [5GS]
OI trick to open door without pushing block
KD [4.25 H]
Down to Kakriko
Show letter to guard
Up to DC again, getting GS on the way [6GS]
Re-enter DC and save

Segment 8:
Up to magic
2 GS from crater [8GS]
HP from climbable wall [4.5 H]
Double magic
To Goron City
Bombs in urn [4.75 H]
Bomb bag upgrade
GS in rock maze [9GS]
LW warp
30 Nut updgrade [59R]
Saria's Song

Segment 9:
Know-it-all brothers GS [10GS]
Escape again
SS toward hylia
HP in grotto in fence square [5 H] [49R]
GS from dirt [11GS]
Scarecrow's Song
Fish for GS / HP [29R] [5.25 H]
Ruto's Bottle
Enter Domain
Torches for HP [5.5 H]
Megasidehop past KZ
Superswim to fountain
FW and tree GS [12GS]
Enter jabu w/ jslash

Segment 10:
FW in second room
GS by rising water [13GS]
Back to basement
2 GS [15GS]
FW back up
Recast FW
Megaflip to switch, proceed to OI
GS in room before boss
Barinade [16GS] [6.5 H]

Segment 11:
GS in soil on the way to deku [17GS]
Bottle dupe over Ruto's Letter when recatching bugs
Into Deku

Segment 12:
Vine text skip
To the top
GS from compass room [18GS]
Jump down and break web
Kill GS on way down, then boomerang it [19GS]
Boomerang GS on grating [20GS]
GJ to upper ledge
Back through tree to GS behind wall [21GS]

Segment 13:
Burn web
Kill Gohma [7.5 H]

Segment 14:
SS to market
Ocarina of Time/Song of Time
40R from chains [69R]
Slingshot game for 40 seed bag [49R]
Keaton Mask
To Kakriko
Show guard Keaton Mask [64R]
Cucco dive to well

Segment 15:
Key on left
Key in grave room
GS in Deku Baba room [22GS]
GS in keese room [23GS]

Segment 16:
Exit well
SS to market
40R from chains [99R]
Chu bowl for 40 bag [69R] (can get HP instead depending on bomb count)
Get Skull Mask [59R]

Segment 17:
To lost woods
50 bag and HP from skull kid [7.75 H] [65R]
Forest stage stick upgrade
Back to start of Lost Woods
Skull kid HP, show mask [8 H] [75R]
GS from other dirt patch [24GS]
Scrubby final stick upgrade [35R]

Segment 18:
SS to market
Enter market at day
Get Spooky Mask [15R]
To Kakriko (get GS in tree on the way) (it should be night) [25GS]
GS in tree [26GS]
GS by bazaar [27GS]
GS on ladder [28GS]
HP on roof [8.25 H]
GS at construction site [29GS]
GS by Skulltula house [30GS]
Giant's Wallet and Stone of Agony
To graveyard
Dampe HP [8.5 H]
Soil GS [31GS]
Sun's Song
Sun's Song HP [8.75 H]
Trade Spooky Mask [45R]
Hover to seam
GS on wall [32GS]
Shadow early

Segment 19:
Megaflip gap
Truth spinner
To Dead Hand
Kill him and get Hover Boots
Activate FW to warp to Jabu

Segment 20:
Exit Jabu
Play Sun's Song
Nab GS on log [33GS]

Segment 21:
SS to Lon Lon Ranch
Get 4 GS and HP [37GS] [9 H]
Sun's Song to daytime
Lon Lon bottle
Epona's Song
SS to castle
Bunny Hood [15R]
Exit market
Sun's Song
Grotto near river [9.25 H]
Talk to runnerguy [500R]
Sun's Song again
Get Mask of Truth [450R]

Segment 22:
To Lost Woods
To Forest Stage
GS from soil [38GS]
Deku Nut upgrade

Segment 23:
SS to castle
Sun's Song for night
Richard HP [9.5 H]
Buy 20 chus from shop [270R]
Treasure Chest minigame [9.75 H] [260R]
To ToT
Play SoT to open DoT in ToT
Master sword

Segment 24:
Superslide to Kakariko
Get pocket egg
To graveyard
Dampoers grave
Hookshot and HP [10 H]
Song of Storms and HP [10.25 H]
To Talon's house
Sun's Song twice to hatch egg
Wake Talon
Get Cojiro

Segment 25:
SS to Lost Woods
Hover/Pressure jump over bridge
Trade Cojiro for Odd Mush
To Mido, skip him
To maze, GJ to get on top
Hookshot GS in maze [39GS]
Learn Minuet
Bugcatching trick to keep elevator up
Go down and get GS [40GS]
Ride elevator back up and get GS by stalfos door [41GS] *this gs could be moved if need be*
BK skip
PG and HC [11.25 H]
Odd Mush Forest Medallion CS Skip
Trade for Mush again
Warp to Goron City
Goron Tunic from shop with SS warp [60R]
Get GS at top of GC [42GS]
Head to Death Mountain and get red rock GS [43GS]
Jump down and head to Kakriko
Trade Mush for Potion

Segment 26:
Play Minuet
Enter Forest Temple

Segment 27:
GS on wall in first room + upper small key [44GS]
Head to main room, Stalfos small key
SoT on block, enter door
GS and megajump to upper ledge [45GS]
To Block Room
Ground jump and hover boost to top
To bow room

Segment 28:
To main room
Shoot eye switch above upper right door and go through
Hookshot small chest on ledge then get GS on wall [46GS]

Segment 29:
Exit Forest Temple
Backtrack to forest stage
Hover to GS [47GS]
Backtrack some more
Trade Odd Potion for Poacher's Saw
To Kokiri Forest
GS on house [48GS]

Segment 30:
SS to Lon Lon Ranch
Steal Epona
Head to GV, getting poes 4+5 (http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Zelda05/Walkthrough/09/Map_BigPoeLocations.jpg)
Jump bridge with Epona
Trade Saw
Two GS on other side of bridge [50GS]
Kill first guard

Segment 31:
Continue getting Gerudo Card
Fortress Heart Piece [11.5 H]
GS on upper wall [51GS]

Segment 32:
Archery for 40 Quiver and HP [11.75 H] [20R]
GS on target [52GS]

Segment 33:
Deposit poes [120R]
To Kakriko
Up to Death Mountain
Enter DC and save

Segment 34:
Go to right side of the room and blow up the wall
Get GS on high ledge [53GS]
Jump down and bomb other wall and get the GS in that room [54GS]
Back to main room and ride pillar up
Superslide to bridge across room
Backtrack to upper part of staircase room
2 GS's in staircase room [56GS]

Segment 35:
Exit DC and go up DM
GS in the falling rock area [57GS]
Trade for Prescription
HP on cone [12 H]

Segment 36:
To field, Epona's Song
Big Poes 1 & 10
Up Zora's River (getting 2 GS) [59GS]
Use hover boots to enter ZD
Acute angle past KZ
Hover OoB and get to the GS on the high ledge [60GS]
Megaflip to HP on iceberg [12.25 H]
Enter Ice Cavern

Segment 37:
To spinning ice scythe room
Superslide through red ice on the right side
Catch blue fire
Get HP [12.5 H]
Get another blue fire
Get GS on the wall near HP [61GS]
Back to scythe room
GS on the wall near left tunnel [62GS]
Superslide through left red ice
Silver rupees in ice block room w/o blue fire [145R]
GS on the wall in ice block room [63GS]
Superslide/megaflip through red ice on the way to white wolfos room
Iron boots and Serenade

Segment 38:
Leave Ice Cavern
Heart Piece underwater [12.75 H]
To domain, unfreeze KZ
Hover over him, get Zora Tunic
Trade for Eyeball Frog (don't smoke it)
GS in Domain [64GS]
OoB to Hylia
Finish learning Scarecrow's Song
Scarecrows song on lab roof for HP [13 H]
HP and GS in lab [13.25 H] [65GS]
Get Eyedrops
Bolero timer trick
Up to Biggoron
Trade, then Sun's Song x6
Biggoron's Sword

Segment 39:
Back through DoT passageway
Prelude of Light
Become child again
Chu bowling for HP [115R] [13.5 H]
To Castle
Din's Fire
SoS hole GS [66GS]

Segment 40:
Play Serenade
Play Sun's Song
GS on Fire Arrow's platform [67GS]
GS behind laboratory [68GS]
Dive to Zora's Domain
Head to Zora's River
HP near waterfall [13.75 H]
GS on ladder [69GS]
HP on platform down the river a bit [14 H]
Frogs HPs [14.5 H]
Beans x1 (not x24) [105R]
GS in tree [70GS]
Head to GV
GS in field grotto near GV [71GS]
Bugs in GV
GS near start inside GV [72GS]
Box HP [14.75 H]
Dirt patch [73GS]
Waterfall HP [15 H]
Glitch oob to warp back to top
Cucco jump/hover over gate/whatever
To fortress
Up towards archery grounds
GTG early with floaty sidehop

Segment 41:
Vine clip to Ice Arrows

Segment 42:
Exit GTG
Gate skip
Quicksand backwalk
GS in outpost [74GS]
Rest of wasteland
Enter Spirit Temple
Exit for Requiem
GS from dirt patch [75GS]
Plant bean
Play Prelude
Become adult

Segment 43:
Play Serenade
Enter Water Temple

Segment 44:
Go down to ruto (spell dive or iron boots swim?)
Lower water level
Sidehop jumpslash to middle level and get key behind bombable wall
Go down and light torches for key in shellblade room
Main room, go to tunnel right of the one you just came from and blow bombable floor
Go through water tunnel and get GS in the room at the end [76GS]

Segment 45:
Hover boost to open upper left door
Set FW in moving platforms room
Go to dark link
Get longshot
Down to vortex room and get GS on the wall [77GS]
Hit eye switch and get key from chest
FW back to moving platforms room
Get GS on the wall with longshot [78GS]

Segment 46:
Jump down to middle floor on tower
Light torch to open door
Get GS at the top of the room [79GS]
Back to main room
Jump straight down to the water passageway
Go to the room with tektites and boulders
Get GS from waterfall near boss key room door [80GS]

Segment 47:
Superslide to boss ledge
Boss Key skip
Moroha + HC [16 H]
GS from tree [81GS]
Fire arrows
Enter fire temple

Segment 48:
Meet Darunia in left room
Free goron and get key

Segment 49:
Go in right door
Go to the left and save goron + key
Exit, play SoT and enter above room
Get GS near likelike [82GS]
Back to large lava room
Cross the room to the other side
Save goron + key
Go to next room and push block on fire spout to go up to next room
Ground jump on block and go up room
Key from saving goron to the right
Go left and get GS from behind bombable wall [83GS]
Save goron in nearby room + key
Hover to top of maze
Scarecrows song onto platform leading to above room
GS on climbable wall [84GS]
GS in top room on the wall [85GS]
Jump down hole and land on skinny walkway
Shoot eye switch
Hover boost off map chest and go to fire maze room
Set FW in fire maze
Superslide past firewalls
Beat Flare Dancer and get Hammer

Segment 50:
Hammer blocks in front of right key door
Clear fire enemies room
Get GS near likelike [86GS]
FW to fire maze
Hit pillar down and BK skip
Heart container [17 H]

Segment 51:
Deposit 2 poes to poe collector [205R]
Catch poes 8, 6, and 7
Requiem and save in spirit

Segment 52:
Superslide trick to enter child side
Get GS on the gate in right room [87GS]

Segment 53:
Silver block skip with hover boots
Hit crystal switch and enter right room
Get GS behind SoT block and key in next room [88GS]

Segment 54:
Exit spirit
Ride bean
Get HP on rock [17.25 H]
Superslide onto statue and longshot to silver gauntlets chest
Go in child side and go 1 room back
Get GS on the wall above the door [89GS]
Back to SG chest, superslide to mirror shield
Down to room with 4 armos and light, shine light on sun
Get key
Go to moving wall room and climb up
Get BK
Snake mirrors room, shine light on big mirror
Lower platform
Grab GS from upper left part of child side [90GS]
Go in lower child side door and get GS in there [91GS]
Back to main room
Hookshot chains on upper platform and go to twinrova
Beat twinrova [18.25 H]
In colossus again, go to Nayru's Love fairy fountain
Get GS on rock near fountain [92GS]
Get GS on palm tree on the opposite side of colossus [93GS]

Segment 55:
Deposit 3 poes
Catch poes 2, 3, and 9
Go to kakariko for nocturne
Do archery for biggest quiver
To house of skulltula for HP [18.5 H]
Get GS on top of Impa's house [94GS]
Get Cow HP in Impa's house [18.75 H]

Segment 56:
Deposit last poes for bottle
Dins to light torches and enter shadow

Segment 57:
Long shadow temple route I'm too lazy to type [99GS] [19.75 H]
Jump down from shadow ledge, longshot box from a grave and get HP [20 H]

Segment 58:
Light Arrows

Segment 59:
To Ganon's Castle
Double Def early w/ superslide
Final GS [100 GS]
Cross rainbow bridge

Segment 60:
To Shadow Trial
Fire arrow torch
Gold Gauntlets

Segment 61:
Trial skip

Segment 62:
Castle escape
SS or Din's Fire into Ganon (depending on bombs/magic left)
Kill him
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Mega Guay

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back in green

WWW Email
« Reply #10 on: June 28, 2010, 03:26:28 AM »

Oh I like this idea a lot. Count me in. The time of day thing is a pretty big issue though. I'd probably be up for doing Ganon's Castle Trials/Tower and Escape. Also any of the child dungeons (especially Deku, since I've already done a Deku 100% IL).

RG is the best candidate for seg 3, since it's in the any% route anyway haha.

Obviously swapping Wii saves would be the easiest way to stay consistent with items and visuals... we need to choose a console/version that most of us have. I assume most guys have a Wii with VC OoT. v1.0 VC would be best but it's not official, so not SDA acceptable. If anything this would be a cool run for ZSR to have.
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<@Swordless> Have you had this problem before? A game not starting until you cleaned it?
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« Reply #11 on: June 28, 2010, 04:17:55 AM »

We've already decided on the wii VC version, since it allows for save swapping and has less lag.

Special Guay

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tokay stole ma shovel

« Reply #12 on: June 28, 2010, 08:41:19 PM »

 think I'm going to test out the route so far when I get a chance.  I need a 100% file anyway. Tongue

[00:09:38] <%Runnerguy2489> .entranta
[00:09:42] <%Runnerguy2489> .etrnats
[00:09:42] <%Runnerguy2489> fuck
[00:09:45] <+Zero> lol
[00:09:46] <%Runnerguy2489> .etrants
[00:09:48] <%Runnerguy2489> FUCK
Special Guay

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« Reply #13 on: June 29, 2010, 04:57:21 AM »


Preliminary route is DONE. If a few people could test it and offer suggestions, that would be great. We'll hammer out explosive/pause route later.

Special Guay

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tokay stole ma shovel

« Reply #14 on: June 29, 2010, 02:31:50 PM »

One route question; in segment 16:

Chu bowl for 40 bag [34R] (can get HP instead depending on bomb count)
Get Skull Mask [74R]

Where do we get the extra 50 rupees?  Trading back Keaton's Mask costs us 10, which should give us 24.

[00:09:38] <%Runnerguy2489> .entranta
[00:09:42] <%Runnerguy2489> .etrnats
[00:09:42] <%Runnerguy2489> fuck
[00:09:45] <+Zero> lol
[00:09:46] <%Runnerguy2489> .etrants
[00:09:48] <%Runnerguy2489> FUCK
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