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Author Topic: Impromptu Speedrun #14 (4/17/10) Goal and Results  (Read 7161 times)
Regular Guay

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« on: April 17, 2010, 09:26:11 PM »

Entrants: jiano | keeta | SD2 | Elminster | Siglemic | Nightwing | ZFG | PMIT

DNFkeetaHad to leave
DNFNightwingMessed up a Megaflip in the FFWW to Ikana
DNFPMITFailed the Moon's Tear Skip and Watched the intro twice
DNFZFGQuit because he thought it was an OoT impromptu

Sorry about making you guys buy 20 beans; I couldn't think of anything else for Gluttony (Jiano pointed out that Mask of Scents would be a much better alternative). Depositing money in the bank for Greed was also kind of stupid, but I'm sure most people would prefer it to Gold Dust, which is what I had before.
« Last Edit: April 18, 2010, 06:05:41 AM by darkeye14 » Logged

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back in green

WWW Email
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2010, 09:35:13 PM »

Wow Darkeye, you are quit creative with these goals lol.


<@Swordless> Have you had this problem before? A game not starting until you cleaned it?
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2010, 11:13:09 PM »

Wow Darkeye, you are quit creative with these goals lol.
And yes, I agree.
Special Guay

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« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2010, 01:18:15 AM »

had to go help my grandmother for a few hours

-any% to great bay, shittily unoptimized
-get zora mask
-hit gb owl
-ffww to ikana
-bottle in swamp
-take 5 tries to get beans legit
-open woodfall
-beat it legit because i realized too late i had too little explosives
-dont catch princess yet so i can stt gap
-buy chus
-climb stt
-more chus
-stt perfect to light arrows (the only good part of my run)
-istt legit
-die to twinmold twice, win third
-have to go after cutscene

Regular Guay

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« Reply #4 on: April 18, 2010, 07:18:11 AM »

My route:

1st cycle
Explosives and Adult's Wallet
Zora Mask, Zora pots for money
Kafei's Mask, talk to Anju
SoDT, Bremen Mask
To swamp, bottle from Kotake
Learn Sonata, Song of Soaring and hit Woodfall owl
Soar to Clock Town, bottle dupe over Bremen Mask
Get Letter to Kafei and soar back to Woodfall
Beat Woodfall Temple
Accidentally put Deku Princess in my legit bottle (I meant to use the duped one to preserve her if I needed an extra cycle, but I had a brain fart and forgot)
Realize I can't dump her out and scoop her again
Hover over Ikana access fences
Was about to hover up to Ikana Canyon, then realized I didn't have hookshit
To Ikana Graveyard, die to Keeta
Fight Keeta again and win
Captain's Hat, SoDT to 2nd night
Open 2nd night grave
Long jump to 1st night area
Realize I don't have any sticks
Soar to Clock Town and buy a stick
Decide I might as well get hookshit now, so I do that
Hover up to Ikana Canyon
Ice Arrow skip and hit owl
Back to grave, die to Iron Knuckle
Long jump again, defeat Iron Knuckle and learn Song of Storms (Envy, 1/7)
Soar to Ikana Canyon, sun block hover into back entrance of well
Realize I need Fire Arrows to get the Mirror Shield (I thought you just needed them for Elegy)
Soar to Clock Town and head north
Get Lens of Truth, Goron Mask and Goron Lullaby
Snowhead Temple up to Fire Arrows
Soar back to Ikana Canyon and get Mirror Shield (Pride, 2/7)
I don't feel like hovering up Stone Tower, so I get Elegy
Climb Stone Tower with Elegy and hit owl
Enter Stone Tower Temple and try to get to Light Arrows
Fuck up a lot in the updraft room (reaching the 3rd updraft was really difficult for me for some reason)
Fight Garo Master, run out of nuts cause most of the miss, die
Spend about half an hour retrying the rooms and the fight until I finally get Light Arrows
Invert Stone Tower Temple
Make way to the bridge room
Attempt recoil flip onto bridge with Eyegore, but fall into the sky
Resort to chu hovering
Defeat Eyegore, get Giant's Mask
Go through the north door and navigate the room with hookshit
Realize I don't have the Boss Key
Soar to entrance, back to updraft room
Step on switch on the way to the bridge room and get the key
Use key on 2F door in updraft room
Navigate a couple rooms by inverting them
Realize I have no idea where the fuck I'm going
Look in a guide to see where the Boss Key is
Back to bridge room, Hookshot to bridge with Giant's Mask chest
Long jump to the door below
Fight Gomess, run out of magic and die
Realize that the Bad Bats can drop magic and arrows when you kill them
Waste about an hour dying to Gomess until 5 AM
Soar to Clock Town, deposit Rupees, and SoT
Restock shit, soar to Stone Tower and invert the temple
Back to Gomess, kill him first try
Grab the Boss Key and realize I can't get back on to the bridge
Soar to entrance and get to boss door again
Die to Twinmold many, many, MANY times (the stone slabs can drop magic or arrows, but they always seemed to drop whichever one I DIDN'T need)
Resort to fairies (one in legit bottle and one in duped bottle that I just used as a potion)
STILL can't defeat Twinmold
Run out of time again, deposit Rupees and SoT
Restock bombs and arrows, get back to bridge room
Realize I have no chus, try to bomb hover
Mess up trying to maximize distance and miss the explosion
Try again and use every last bomb
Get on the bridge and get knocked off by Eyegore
Restock, back to bridge and defeat Eyegore
To the boss door, realize I don't have the Boss Key
Long jump to Gomess and get Boss Key
Soar back to entrance and hookshot to bridge
Go fight Twinmold again
Die a lot
Decide to dupe more bottles so I can stockpile fairies
Remember that curio shop doesn't open until 10 PM
Attempt Twinmold some more
At 10 PM, soar to Clock Town and dupe bottles over everything I don't need
Make a lot of money off bottle duping and deposit it
End up with 5 duped bottles and 1 legit, fill them all with fairies
Finally kill Twinmold after 5 hours of attempts (Wrath, 3/7)
Realize it's too late to get Letter to Kafei
Soar to Woodfall and kill Odolwa again
Capture Deku Princess in a DUPED bottle this time (Lust, 4/7)
Soar to Clock Town, exit east
SoDT to night 2
Kill Blue Bubbles with Light Arrows for money until I have over 866
Deposit, SoT
Stock Pot Inn, read with grandma until 3 PM
Forget to wear Kafei's Mask and get Room Key
Arrange meeting in kitchen
In the meantime, soar to Woodfall and exit to Southern Swamp
Enter Deku Palace and realize I forgot to withdraw Rupees
Soar to Clock Town and withdraw 200 Rupees (I forgot the bean salesman gives you a free sample)
Back to Deku Palace, find grotto and buy 20 Magic Beans (Gluttony, 5/7)
Soar to Clock Town and receive Letter to Kafei (Sloth, 6/7)
Withdraw Rupees from bank so that I have 666 (Greed, 7/7)

Regular Guay

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« Reply #5 on: April 18, 2010, 04:04:57 PM »

damn elminster you took forever just to finish

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