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Author Topic: IMPROMPTU #10 [03/20/10] - Goal & Results  (Read 7990 times)
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tokay stole ma shovel

« on: March 20, 2010, 07:42:11 PM »

I muffed up the poster, this is Impromptu #10.

1. Jiano - 1:43:16
2. Runnerguy2489 - 2:24:21
3. darkeye14 - 2:32:25
4. Elminster - 3:12:04 (finished with 20 seconds left on the ingame clock Shocked)

Quit (in reverse order of quitting):
DNF - Siglemic (duped over deku mask)
DNF - Keeta (duped over Zora before getting egg, turned off game, then realized he could have gotten big poe)
DNF - Zero (game freeze)

FYI: Only 8 different items go in duped bottles: Zora Egg, Magic Mushroom, Bug, Fish, Fairy, Big Poe, Spring Water, and Hot Spring Water.
« Last Edit: March 20, 2010, 09:44:14 PM by SD2 » Logged

[00:09:38] <%Runnerguy2489> .entranta
[00:09:42] <%Runnerguy2489> .etrnats
[00:09:42] <%Runnerguy2489> fuck
[00:09:45] <+Zero> lol
[00:09:46] <%Runnerguy2489> .etrants
[00:09:48] <%Runnerguy2489> FUCK
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« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2010, 08:19:55 PM »

here was my route:

-cycle 1 normal except go through NCT legit
-99r in ECT
-fairy in laundry pool
-deposit 99r, get adults wallet
-withdraw 150r
-buy bombs and chus
-hover over GB fence
-zora mask (1/7)
-zora pots for 200r
-hit coast owl, get bombs
-to fairy fountain
-wrong warp to ikana
-gibdo mask with my pro strat (2/7)
-hit owl and bombs
-to southern swamp
-red potion
-hit swamp owl
-to palace
-ISoT (bad idea, left me waiting around)
-hit woodfall owl
-sos to ct, get kafeis mask (3/7)
-undo ISoT
-get GFM (4/7)
-get bremen (5/7)
-buy 10 bombs 20 chus
-wait forever for curiosity shop
-dupe over gibdo, leave
-catch fish in duped (1/7)
-collection delay dupe over kafei, bremen, gfm
-wait in nct for mug
-get blast mask (6/7)
-exit north for kamaros (7/7)
-up mountain village
-catch fairy in duped (2/7)
-recoil into hsw cave, catch (3/7)
-sos to swamp, catch spring water (4/7)
-sos to ct, too late to dupe
-sodt twice
-wait >____>
-dupe over zora, blast, and kamaros
-catch bugs in duped (5/7)
-try buying red and green potions, cant
-would get egg and mush instead but duped over zora mask
-forgot big poe exists
-sos to woodfall
-beat it without bow
-catch princess
-sd2 tells me i can get big poe
-my games already off =[

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« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2010, 09:57:08 PM »

I came so close to ragequitting, but I persevered and got third:

1st Cycle
Song of Healing->Silver Rupee Chest in ECT->Big Wallet->Bombs and Bombchus
Great Bay (Hit Owl)->Zora Mask
Zora Pots (I messed up and had to do this about 6 times)
Fail Wrong Warp to Ikana twice->Run out of explosives->Nearly quit
Scrounge up 10 Bombs from Bomb Drops->Hover back over GB Fence
Kafei's Mask->Room Key (I got in case I needed money in the future)->Buy more bombs and bombchus
Convince myself to watch Skull Kid Cutscene->Southern Swamp
Woods of Mystery->Red Potion Bottle->Kill Big Octo with Zora->Deku Palace
Fail the Bomb Hover up to Monkey->Nearly quit again->Get Bean and Spring Water->Do Deku Palace old-school
Sonata of Awakening->Song of Soaring->Woodfall Owl->Open Woodfall Temple
Hover to Bow (it was about 12:00 at night)->SoS to Clock Town->Blast Mask->Kamaro's Mask->Great Fairy's Mask->Bremen Mask
Dupe over masks
Mistakenly think that I can get Seahorse in Duped Bottles->Give the witch in Woods of Mystery the Red Potion->Pictobox->Boat Ride
Warp to Woodfall->Realize that I don't have enough explosives for BK Skip->Boss Key->Great Odolwa Fight->Princess
Return Princess to Palace->Race->Mask of Scents
Realize that since I can't get Gibdo's Mask (Failed WW to Ikana), I might as well get Goron on my way to HSW
Mountain Village->Lens of Truth->Goron Mask->HSW in one of the Duped Bottles
Great Bay->Fail getting into Pirate's Fortress for picture
Realize that I can't get Seahorse in Duped Bottle anyway->Pinnacle Rock->Zora Egg in Duped Bottle
Collect two mushrooms in Woods of Mystery->Give one mushroom to witch for Blue Potion
Dupe over Scents and Goron (A Fish is left over in one of the Bottles)
SoS to Swamp->Fairy from Grass->Spring Water->Bug from inside Swamp Spider House
Talk to Monkey, Endgames

[18:38] <Sigless> darkeye is cute too

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I'm not your buddy, guay!

« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2010, 10:21:35 PM »

-1st Cycle
-got rupees, got bombs/chus
-zora mask and zora pots
-ffww failed first time, reset
-try again, got it
-hit owl, down to swamp
-red potion
-Go get more bombs/chus
-get bow
-failed BK skip
-fail again, reset
-finally clip OoB correctly and get it with 1 bomb left
-beat woodfall
-bottle princess
-release her, monkey freed
-mask of scents
-get kafei, bremen, great fairy masks
-get blask mask and kamaros masks
-dupe them
-go get hot spring water (1/7)
-get 2 mushrooms (2/7)
-give one mush to hag for blue potion in regular bottle
-go get egg as zora (3/7)
-dupe over zora, scents
-fill with fish, fairy, bugs, and regular water (4/7)
-back to monkey

2nd place (by an OoT nub)

runnerguy your such a mother fucker. whats with all this bombchu shit? all everyone who likes this shit is stupid. ur a fucking cheater. u did that the wrong way, thats not how to get past the king zora u cheater. u suck and i wont continue watching all ur shit! videos.
« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2010, 10:36:56 PM »

I really hope you guys enjoy reading my MM routes, because they're painful to do and even more painful to write about.

1st cycle (Moon's Tear skip took me 4 goddamn hours)
Adult's Wallet, explosives and Zora Mask
Attempted skull kid cutscene skip but failed and wasted a shitload of chus
Took the boat cruise to get Picto Box for Seahorse
Deku Palace first try
Woodfall Temple, bow, warped to Clock Town
Bremen Mask, needed to kill time until 12:20
Didn't think to get Great Fairy Mask
Bought a Red Potion so I could get Stone Mask but realized I needed Lens of Truth
Up to Mountain Village owl, then warp back to Clock Town
Blast Mask and Bomb Bag (30)
Up to Goron Village for Lens of Truth
Hover over fences on the way to Ikana, got Stone Mask
Warp to Clock Town, wanted to bottle dupe but decided to use Bremen Mask to get Bunny Hood
Hover into Romani Ranch, SoDT to Day 2 to open Cucco Shack
Bunny Hood, SoDT to Night 2 so I can bottle dupe
Get Goron Mask to kill 4 hours
Bottle dupe over non-transformation masks
Decided to beat Woodfall Temple now so I could get Mask of Scents later
Saved the monkey but forgot to get the mask
Went to Pirates' Fortress to get a Zora Egg (1/8)
Warp to Mountain Village, tried to climb ladder but realized I had no magic from Goron rolling everywhere
Hit random snowballs to find magic and get healed by a fairy
Realize that I can put a fairy in a duped bottle
Leave the screen, come back, get magic and a fairy (2/8)
Realized I didn't need the seahorse
Climb up to Goron Graveyard and get Hot Spring Water (3/8)
Warp to Southern Swamp and get Spring Water (4/8)
Warp to Clock Town, SoDT to Night 3 (should'nt've done that yet)
Hover over the first fence to Ikana, get jinxed by a Blue Bubble
Practice my Acryte bow skillz on them because I can't reactivate ISG
Finally get unjinxed and hover over second fence
Kick Keeta's ass for the Captain's Hat
Realize that it doesn't matter that I forgot Mask of Scents, because this is the last mask I need
Open the grave
Realized I didn't have a duped bottle to hold the Big Poe in
Go ghost hunting, climb up the blocks to get to one of the sandpits on top
For some reason, there's no blue flame in there (WTF)
Only had 90 minutes left, deposited money and played SoT
Hurt my right hand because I punched the wall
Beat Woodfall Temple again, saved the monkey again
SoDT to Night 3 and opened grave again
Got Big Poe to appear this time
Killed it and realized I didn't have a duped bottle to put it in
Dumped my Spring Water because it's the easiest to find again (3/8)
Put Big Poe in duped bottle (4/8)
Warp to Clock Town and dupe bottles over remaining masks (except Deku)
Drop the fish I'd been using to dupe, and recaught it in a duped bottle (5/8)
Started panicking because I was running out of time and didn't want to beat Woodfall again
Hovered up cliff to Ikana Canyon, which took a long ass time because I ran out of chus
Bought a Blue Potion (6/8)
Warped to Southern Swamp and got Spring Water back (7/8)
Made a mad dash to Swamp Spider House to get bugs
Tried to open it, had no arrows or sticks
With an hour left, explored grotto and found arrow drops from grass
Opened spider house, got bugs (8/8)
Had 40 minutes left, pause buffered all the way to Deku Palace
Talked to the monkey with about 20 minutes left until the moon fell
Found out that the Seahorse can't go in a duped bottle anyway
« Last Edit: March 20, 2010, 10:40:33 PM by Elminster45 » Logged
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« Reply #5 on: March 20, 2010, 11:04:47 PM »

I had no idea you could get normal spring water. I wasted a ton of timing get the big poe.
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« Reply #6 on: March 21, 2010, 12:11:33 AM »

I had no idea you could get normal spring water. I wasted a ton of timing get the big poe.
come on jiano and ur an MM pro

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« Reply #7 on: March 21, 2010, 02:44:38 AM »

it turns out that you can get deku mask back if you dupe over it.

just sot (so you dont lose progress) and let the moon fall

then you do the original deku mask cutscene

so ig's quit was unwarranted as well =]

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« Reply #8 on: April 23, 2010, 12:26:37 AM »

I had no idea you could get normal spring water. I wasted a ton of timing get the big poe.
I wish I would have seen your run live. I watched the recording and kinda screamed at some point "just get spring water!".

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