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Author Topic: Three new glitches in Pirate's Hideout!  (Read 2165 times)
Deku Scrub

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« on: July 11, 2010, 01:06:33 am »

I was playing Spirit Tracks today and found three weird glitches in the Pirate's Hideout Mini-Game, all of which freeze the game.  Glitch #3 might actually be useful if somebody finds a way to escape the tunnel (I’m guessing this will lead to a glitchy Link that moves around on a cart).

Glitch #1:  By far the easiest, just reduce your life to a half or quarter of a heart, play up to the Big Blin at the end of the mini-game, and get hit by its club.  The game will freeze.  If you are holding a Purple Potion, you will drink it first, and then the game will freeze.

Glitch #2:  This one is pretty hard to pull off.  You have to beat the Moblins until you are on the cart; when you are on the cart, shoot the Moblins until you are near the end of the first section (the section ends when the screen fades out and more Moblins appear).  You have to let a cage fall on you the EXACT moment that you exit the section; the cage won’t fall on top of you, but directly behind you.  This requires a precise timing when shooting the previous Moblins (this will affect when the Moblins drop their cage) and some luck, as the positions of the Moblins are random.  I found the most success with the right Moblin's cage, but this requires lots of experimentation.  If you did it right, you will be in the next section without the bow in your hand.  The cart won’t move and Moblins won’t appear.  The camera angle will slowly spin, and gets faster and faster until it starts hurting your eyes.  Also, the music changes into the underground/dungeon theme.

Glitch #3:  When you enter the new section in glitch #2 without the bow in your hands, you can do a spin-attack in the first five seconds or so before the game locks up.  This leads to many side-effects.  The sword is enabled, and a blue ball outlines your attacks (it looks like the pointer in the Wii version of Twilight Princess).  The Moblins appear and your cart starts moving again.  The coolest thing however is that your menu is enabled again.  This allows you to use other weapons, access the rail-map and inventory, play the Spirit Flute, and even save (don’t do this if you want to continue the game; refer to the YouTube link).  The Moblins will try to cage you, but the cages don’t affect you; you can still kill the Moblins, however.  When you reach the next section with the Big Blin, you can kill it with one blow with the Leaf Blower, or you can let it hit you and you will just go through it.  When you reach the end of the tunnel, the camera will do a strange zoom in/zoom out thing that damages you by half a heart every time.  When you lose all of your hearts, instead of dying, you will hover in front of the tunnel, the game will lock up, and the camera angle will change.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f56tRW0BPa4 (Not my video, but shows glitch #3.  I found the glitch myself before watching the video, by the way.)
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