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Author Topic: Entire OoT enemy list with atk and HP  (Read 26383 times)
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« on: June 23, 2010, 12:42:50 PM »

dont known if this is already done but i do it. Took me 2 hours. I do it for entretainment, but then i say: why dont post to zeldaspeedruns? The list contains HitPoints , atak and atak efect. I puted defense on freezard because is the only enemy that makes hurt animation when he takes 0 damage and he reduces damage. Probably in the future, I add drop chances to enemies (like like drops rupees 100%, spike enemy drops bombs 50%, etc)
NOTE: I used child link normal sword atak and slingshoot to determine enemy's HP. So, enemy HP is par (except 1 hit kill enemies)

deku baba (stick form): 1 HP 2 atk
deku baba (atak form): 2 HP 2 atk
[1]deku baba (atak form 2): ? HP 2 atk
[1]giant deku baba (atak form 2): ? HP 2 atk
skullwalltula: 1 HP 2 atk
keese: 1 HP 2 atk
fire keese: 1 HP 2 atk -burn-
ice keese: 1 HP 2 atk -freeze-
gohma larva: 2 HP 2 atk
gold skulltula: 2 HP 4 atk
deku salesman: 1 HP 2 atk
[2]deku scrub: ? HP 2 atk
[3]yellow deku scrub: ? HP 2 atk
big skulltula: 2 HP 2 atk
lizalfos: 6 HP 1-2 atk
baby dodongo: 1 HP 2 atk -explosion-
armos: 1 HP 2 atk -explosion-
poe: 8 HP 2 atk
dodongo: 4 HP 4 atk -burn- -explosion-
dinolfos: 12 HP 1-2 atk
iron knuckle: 14-15 HP 16 atk
BETA arwing: 3 HP 1 atk
stalfos: 10 HP 4-8 atk
stalchid: 2 HP 1 atk
[4]dead hand's hand: 8 HP 0 atk -paralisi-
dead hand: 10 HP 2 atk
[5]flare dancer: 31 HP 2 atk -burn- -explosion-
like-like: 4 HP 2 atk -steal- -paralisi-
cucco: 5 HP 0 atk
octorock: 1 HP 2 atk
red tektike: 2 HP 2 atk
blue tektike: 4 HP 2 atk
[6]peahat: 6 HP 4 atk
mini peahat: 1 HP 4 atk
shabom: 1 HP 1 atk
biri: 1 HP 2 atk -electrify-
stinger: 2 HP 2 atk
torch slug: 4 HP 2 atk -burn-
hammer moblin: 6 HP 2 atk
spear moblin: 1 HP 2 atk -paralisi-
beamos: 1-2 HP 2 atk
floormaster: 4 HP 4 atk
mini floormaster: 2 HP 2-6 atk
redead/gibdo: 8 HP 2-999 atk -paralisi-
shell blade: 1 HP 2 atk
spike enemy: 1 HP 2 atk
[7]freezard: 2-3 HP 2 atk 1 def -freeze-
[8]grey wolfos: 8 HP 1 atk
[8]white wolfos: 8 HP 2 atk
guay: 1 HP 2 atk
dark link: same as link? HP 2-4 atk
barinade 'unit': 1 HP 1 atk
[9]bongo bongo's hand: ? HP 4-8 atk
wallmaster: 4 HP 0 atk -warp-

[1]seems to be that he take always 1 HP (or all HP if he is in
stick form)
[2]in the flower, you always take him 1 HP. If he hides, he
restores these 1 HP.
[3]in the flower, you always take him 1 HP. If he hides, he
restores these 1 HP. Only targeting will beat him at the end.
[4]respawns after some seconds of dead. You need to kill dead
[5]only he takes damage if he is in 'heart' form.
[6]invincible at night, spawns 3 mini peahats if hited at night
[7]the only enemy in the entire game that takes minor damage per
[8]atak behind him and he takes x4 damage
[9]only dies if bongo bongo dies

bosses -incomplete-
gohma: 10 HP 2 atk
king dodongo: 12 HP 2 atk -burn-
barinade: 13 HP 1-2 atk -electrify-
[10]phantom ganon: 25? HP 4-12 atk -electrify-
[11]volvagia: 8-12 HP 4-8 atk -burn-
morpha: 20 HP 2-7 atk -paralisi-
twinroba (2 witches): 4 HP 8-9 atk -burn- -freeze-
twinroba: 24? HP 8-9 atk -burn- -freeze-
bongo bongo: 36 HP 12 atk

[10]needs 3 hits at the start to get out from his horse. His HP is very unknown
[11]is unknown what damage does hammer to him. He needs 8 kokiri sword slashes to die and 6 master sword slashes to die, so, hammer does him damage, probably more than sword (2?)

weapon damages

kokiri sword: 1 atk
master sword: 2 atk
giant knife/bigoron sword: 4 atk
giant knife (broken): 1 atk
jumpslash: (sword atk)x2
bomb: 1-2 atk
deku stick: 1-2 atk
bombchu: 1-2 atk
fairy slingshoot: 1 atk
boomerang: 0-1 atk / -paralisi-
deku nut: 0-1 atk / -paralisi-
megaton hammer: 2 atk
hookshoot/longshoot: 0-1 atk / -paralisi-
arrows: 2 atk
fire arrows: 2 atk 2 MP
ice arrows: 4 atk 2 MP-freeze-
light arrows: 2 atk 4 MP
din's fire: 4 atk 6 MP
farore's wind: 0 atk 6 MP-warp-
NOTE: The best weapons are biggoron sword and ice arrows ( Shocked fire/light arrows has the same atk as a normal arrow)

Link HP/MP
1 heart: 4 HP
1 heart double defense: 8 HP
max hearts: 80 HP
max hearts double defence: 160 HP
max hearts double defence RBA 3 extra hearts: 184 HP
short magic meter: 24 MP
long magic meter: 48 MP

-explosion- : the enemy makes a bomb explosion after dead
-burn- : burn takes you damage if you dont do anything. Burns
the kokiri shield
-freeze- : freeze takes damage until you unfreeze. Is the efect
that takes more damage.
-paralisi- : cant move for few seconds
-steal- : can steal kokiri/hylian shield, goron/zora tunic. You
restore the equipments killing him
-electrify- 1:touching him makes him to die, but you take damage
2: you get damage and you cant move for a few seconds
-warp- : you are warped to the entrance of the temple

If you dont find an enemy tell me and I add. If you arent agree with an enemy stat, i can recheck and update if i was wrong.

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Regular Guay

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« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2010, 02:35:13 PM »

Cool, this could be useful. We could put this on the OoT site under General Knowledge.

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also pheenoh <3

« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2010, 04:58:16 PM »

This is great, thanks a lot Cheesy.  I was gonna do this and put it on ZSR but I was just too lazy.

I for one think that there are no glitches in OoT. It's just gameshark codes.

RBA stands for Rare Bird Adventure. We call it that because we need to get the blue cucco in order to use it.