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Author Topic: LA/DX Route Differences  (Read 976 times)
Deku Scrub

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« on: August 23, 2015, 10:31:12 pm »

The LA-Classic forums at speedruns.com are completely empty, so I figured I'd take a stab here.  Trying to get Google to give me Link's Awakening-Classic results instead of LADX results has proven hard.  I was wondering what, if any, major route differences there are for a No-WWOOB type category.  From what I've been able to glean, there isn't exactly a No-SQWWOOBs category like there is for LA:DX (you filthy Save-and-Quitters), and I know there are very quick low% routes involving map-screen warping (that as a child I could never pull off).  I looked at GreenTunic's twitch and pulled up his PB(WR?) Warpless video, but it was before some of these new tricks have been found.  I can at least get the dungeon order from that, though!

I've heard from Someone that the Mushroom/Mario Jumps are used in LA-Classic, which is my new favorite trick in the game.  Link just looks so happy that he has his mushroom, y'know?

Also, I finally have an A/V cable for my Super Nintendo.  And today I took my baby childhood Super Nintendo and, since I forgot to order the Nintendo Screwdriver for it, brute-forced the region unlock surgery through the cartridge flap.  AAANND My copy of Link's Awakening Japanese finally came in!  Unfortunately, I forgot to get it in the DX version, which is the real reason I'm asking.  I like the mushroom trick, and I don't want to return it to Japan, and honestly it's the version of the game I had as a child, so I figure I just as well play it!

Since we don't need the hookshot to Rooster Skip, though, has the dungeon order changed?  I was thinking maybe it went:

D1 (Roc's Feather, Bow-Wow for D2 access)
D2 (Bracelet)
Get the mushroom (Bomb Upgrade, too?) on the way to:
D3 (Boots for movement speed)
D4 (Flippers Only, for D8 access)
D8 (you're closer to that than D5, I think?)
D6 (It's close-ish to the D7 exit)
D4 (last to avoid the ghost)

I know DX runners are now going to just skip the ocarina; I don't know why LA-Classic runners would get it unless it's faster to head back to town after getting the mushroom than going back through the swamp to get to Dungeon 3.

I also don't know why LA-Classic would use the Mushroom Hops when LA:DX didn't, 'cause I don't know how they're different.

Thanks for the help, guys!  I've been asking a lot of questions lately and everyone has been very helpful!
Regular Guay

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« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2015, 07:39:22 am »

The most optimized route is different from what you wrote here
-> http://pastebin.com/Xi32qFcC

It is hookshotless, ocarinaless and powderless (although we use powder for D2).

There are some big tricks in LA that don't exist in LADX and which are used in the run:
- Instrument Cutscene Skip (ICS) which consist to bring up the Save and Quit menu the same frame you touch an instrument. There are different methods to pull it off and you can find some on Flynn's Youtube Channel. It us used for the ghost skip, so we don't need to do D4 in two parts.
- Deloading with the Magic Rod. One big difference between both games is the way menus fade in and out. This permits in DX to buffer frame per frame for example. We can't buffer in LA. However, if you press START the same frame a Magic Ball appear, it will 'duplicate' the ball. As a result, big lag, and since there are too many balls at the same time on the screen, it will deload the enemies/sprites of the next screen. It is used for most bosses after we get the Magic Rod, and for most annoying room such as 'kill all enemies to spawn the key'. This is also the main reason why we want to get to D8 as early as possible.
- Text Cancelling: we can cancel pretty much every texts in the game. In DX you can cancel boss texts when you enter the room, with the START menu. In LA, you can cancel EVERY texts but the ones you walk in (owl, frog, manbo, racoon...). You can also speak to NPCs like that, buy bombs... and still cancel the text. You can find how it works here http://www.speedrun.com/la/guides

Today the official WR for this game is 58:06 by Darko, it was the first submitted run with the new glitches, and LA runners actually aim for sub 54 minutes. You can find the leaderboard at http://www.speedrun.com/la

The last glitches found have made the game a bit easier than before -LA has always been considerate as the frame perfect run-, so GL and if you have any questions, it's no problem!

Much love.
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Deku Scrub

Posts: 4

« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2015, 09:35:37 pm »

Today the official WR for this game is 58:06 by Darko

and today, it's you! Congratulations, man! =D  On a Game Boy Advanced, no less!
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