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Author Topic: The list of tweaks in the Phantom Hourglass engine made for Spirit Tracks. 10/1  (Read 5176 times)
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« on: December 17, 2009, 10:39:30 pm »

This is still a WIP so expect some updates during the weekend.

Hurricane Spin Attack
Phantom Hourglass: One of Link's most deadliest moves, fast moving speed that became useful for medium distances.
Spirit Tracks: The movement has the same speed but Link's sword spins seems a bit slower making it easier to take damage from enemy contact (Octoroks, etc).

Opening up the map while carrying a fusing bomb.
Phantom Hourglass: Closing the map menu will remove the fusing bomb you were carrying
Spirit Tracks: The bomb re-appears on Link's hands when closing the map.
Arrow pods:
Phantom Hourglass: Responds with a Arrow; Sword and Boomerang.
Spirit Tracks: Same with Phantom Hourglass but you can also pick these pods up now.

Transport Movement:
Phantom Hourglass: A ship that has freedom on movement, 1 speed setting, a stop setting and a jump
Spirit Tracks: Replaced by a train that is strict on rails, 2 speed settings, a stop and a reverse setting and QTE on the directions you want to go at split rail lanes.


Transport Accessories:
Phantom Hourglass: A ship can use the crane to find treasure under the sea, the frog warp pad to.. warp other places quickly .
Spirit Tracks: The train whistle can be used to activate warp panels & distract weak enemies too.
2 new mechanics were introduced such as transporting NPCs to other places and carrying important junk like Mega Ice.

Phantom guards:

Phantom Hourglass: 3 types including: A Normal blue, a Swift red and a Warp yellow.

Spirit Tracks: A Swift Phantom no longer exists but adds 2 more types of Phantoms including a Flame Phantom and a Wreaking Phantom. They all have makeovers making them more notable by their visual appearances too.


Phantom Guard weaknesses:
Phantom Hourglass: Can get stunned by a Arrow or a Powered up sword (Power Gems) to the back,  a charged hammer strike on any part. It can be killed by sending them to the pits or a stab to the back with a Phantom Sword.

Spirit Tracks:
The guards no longer get stunned with a normal arrow shot to the back. But they do get ‘dizzy’ stun when a Wreaking Phantom makes contact with its rolling attack.

They no longer die permanently, they can get processed by Zelda when stunned by 3 ways:
* A stab to the back with a recruit sword + 3 Tears of Light
* A stab to the back with a Lokomo sword
* A strike to the back with a Light Arrow.

If one decides to change the Phantom type the current one being used dies but eventually revives allowing players to re-use a certain Phantom again.


Zora Warriors (Green mutants with a sword and shield).
Phantom Hourglass:  They are vulnerable to the boomerang attack aimed at their backs. They knockback a bit when taking damage and can perform a slash or a fireball. They usually come out from the water.

Spirit Tracks: They have some notable changes including:
* They no longer get stunned from a boomerang (wait what Shocked)
* They no longer spit out a fireball.
* They no longer get knockback/flinch when receiving damage.
* They do however have higher health.
* The new method to defeat them is to have Phantom Zelda to distract them while Link finishes them off or to use Whip and take away their shields.
* They no longer appear from the water sections, they come from the ceiling instead from the Tower of Spirits.


Ice bats defeated by a boomerang:

Phantom Hourglass; When defeated the boomerang returns without having an Ice element.

Spirit Tracks: The Ice element got a bit more attention so defeating an Ice bat will add the boomerang the ice element til it returns to Link.


Movement changes:
Phantom Hourglass: Rolling was performed by drawing a tiny circle at the edge of the screen. Tapping a doorway should let Link to enter the room (try it outside the houses). Touching an interactive object is triggered with a sound effect.

Spirit Tracks: Rolling is now performed by double tapping the screen. You can no longer enter doorways by touching the doorway and touching an interactive object is triggered with a blue circle (& a yellow arrow).

Spin attack cancelling

Phantom Hourglass: You can cancel the spin attack by hitting something too hard like a rock, a wall or a palm tree. The damage to the enemy is dealt and resets the spin counter. The most notable use in speed running is against Bellum 3 (Final boss)

Spirit Tracks: Doing Phantom Hourglass method does not help as the spin counter does go up even when flinching so there was a new solution and it’s a pretty good one. Using your L/R items to cancel the spin attack it technically can be used nearly anywhere as long you can use the L/R item you can cancel the spin attack.

Phantom Hourglass: Rolling towards a tree and bumping to one does raise the Roll counter. You can cancel the dizzy animation if you trigger the next screen entry right after the dizziness (see my TAS sample to get the idea).

Spirit Tracks: Rolling towards a tree and bumping to one does NOT raise the Roll counter. Spirit Tracks also slightly changed how the screens are triggered making it impossible to cancel dizziness before entry but it also prevents dizziness after entry when playing through Spirit Tracks.


Grey face statues:
Phantom Hourglass: They shoot a blue laser from their foreheads. You can also rotate them to aim at a certain object.

Spirit Tracks: They are no longer interactive but are instead used as puzzles which lead to a Sanctuary.


Phantom Hourglass: They were solo and only appeared in Goron Temple. After dealing enough damage to them they become immobile and Link can use them as pushing objects to keep some footswitches on permanently.

Spirit Tracks: The stationary ones always has their spikes sticking out blocking Link’s access, they can only be destroyed by a Wreaking Phantom’s rolling attack. The mobile ones are controlled by a Miniblin and killing the rider will defeat the Armos.

Phantom Hourglass:
Link sinks into this.

Spirit Tracks:
Link no longer sinks into this terrain type but his Phantom buddy (or foe) can sink into these. There is a quicksand tile that Link DOES sink into as seen on the Desert Temple.
Wooden nuts:
Phantom Hourglass: They contain the same supplies every time you  destroy one including Arrows, Bombs and Bombchus. They cannot be picked up.

Spirit Tracks: Some of the nuts contain a Green Rupee and a Heart as seen on Spirit Tower 6. Some of the nuts do contain Arrows and Bombs and they also be picked up this time which required for one of the puzzles in Wooded Temple.


Elements exclusive to what game:
Phantom Hourglass:
* Red/Blue tiles (can be flipped by using a hammer strike)
* Pyramid blocks (use to raise and lower the water levels seen in Mutoh's Temple).
* Gust Turrets
* Gust holes
* Pulling switches
* Candles
* Springboards
* Pushing idle boulders
* Heavy Foot switches (requires a hammer strike)
* Drawing a line on the map to guide a platform (3rd dungeon)
* The grapple beams and grapple bars (tongue puzzles from Temple of Frost)
* Spikes can sometimes pop up or go away.
* Phantoms can carry objects like Keys and Force Gems.
* The time freeze mechanic.
* Sound sensitive floors
* Crystal Shapes
* Gems and sea chart collection
* Buying ship parts and or finding them in treasure chests.
* Bombchus

Spirit Tracks:
* Heavy doors
* Electric Boss Key
* Poison Smog
* Updated mechanics on the Ice element
* Bells
* Dark rooms
* Updated teamwork mechanics (remember Phantom Hourglass had this too but you were not drawing a simple path).
* Hook swinging poles
* Spears
* Solid blue tile (Mountain temple)
* Mine Cart
* Pushing a block over ice
* Whirlwind
* Spirit Pipes
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So is this like a race?

« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2010, 07:01:01 am »

Also, the "Go inside grabable objects" glitch doesn't work in Spirit Tracks, since you cannot open up the map while moving around. Undecided

...or maybe it is just the European version? Probably not but oh well. Tongue

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