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Author Topic: [Nov 21] Impromptu Results  (Read 17518 times)
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« Reply #15 on: November 22, 2009, 08:06:01 AM »

I did better than I expected, but I still had some pretty awful play.  Route:

1 Deku Stick
GDT, Slingshot
Forest Escape (pokey) - took about 5 minutes :/
Owl skip (I rule)
backwalk to castle
Talon, Zelda
backwalk to Gerudo
Cucco Jump attemps (fell in river x2, awful)
After the second fall in the river, went fishing
Gold Scale
Ruto's Bottle
ZD, show letter
JJB, Boomerang
warp to LH, head to Gerudo
Cucco Jump (first try. lol?)
screw up gate skip and quicksand backwalk so I have 1/4 heart
Leever kills me on the way to the box
Make it to Desert Colossus
Requiem, chus, deathwarp
LW warp to ZR, buy a bean
Requiem, plant bean, deathwarp
LW warp to ZR, backwalk to castle (didn't wanna risk another forest escape debacle)
DoT skip (3 or 4 minutes, bleh)
Kakariko, DC, Bomb Bag
Graveyard, Shield, Hookshot, Shadow early
Hover Boots, deathwarp
Megaflip to lower level, Bolero
Goron City to LW to SFM, Minuet
Play Requiem, bean to pillars, attempt to hover SS toward Colossus (failed X times)
Go to get NL, realized I don't have Magic
Bolero, DMT, Magic, Requiem, get NL, attempt more SS hovers (failed Y times)
Ran out of Bombs, play Minuet, Forest Temple
Get 2 keys, realize I can't move the blocks, Bolero
Look for Bomb drops on my way to Kakariko
Go to Bazaar, they won't sell me Bombs
Farm the Graveyard bushes for Bombs
Requiem, attempt more SS hovers (failed Z times)
Successful attempt, get Gauntlets, attempt SS to Mirror Shield (failed)
Attempt a few more SS hovers from pillar, run out of Bombs
Enter Spirit, move Silver Block
Got the Compass by mistake
Standard ST up to IK (no Bombs to GJ past him, have to fight)
Mirror Shield
Minuet, FT, get a 3rd key, fight Stalfos, Bow
Bolero, Fire Temple
Standard Fire up to Megaton (0 Bombs 1 Chu, no real SBs)(also this part was played really poorly)
Minuet, SFM to LW
Warp to ZR, enter ZD
Ladder clip, attempt OoB warp to LH (fail twice)
Exit to ZR, swim downstream, exit to Hyrule Field
Backwalk to LH
Open WT (took 3 or 4 minutes)
Enter WT, NL dive to Ruto (turned out to be useful!)
Lower water level, miss the jumpslash to mid-level key, get bottom-level key
Use my last chu to activate the dragon mouth switch and get another key (the room at 6:00 in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaJaJDBDkXI)
Deathwarp to entrance, hover to ledge, raise water to the highest level
Get to Dark Link room, get wrecked by him
Search Youtube for ways to beat Dark Link that aren't Din's Fire
Find mzxrules' NL glitch, kill Dark Link with this absurd glitch (NL was useful again!)
Minuet, SFM to LW (easy hover SS across maze since NL was still on, lol)
LW to Kokiri
Read sign

This was really fun.  The Spirit Temple ruined me (along with the Guays) and my route wasn't great.  I definitely should've gone with some RBA stuff since it's what I know how to do already, and Mirror Shield as child sounds 100x better since I was already there with a Slingshot and Chus.  It sucked that everybody started quitting, though.
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