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Author Topic: 100% Segmented  (Read 7042 times)
Deku Scrub

Posts: 12

« on: July 14, 2011, 03:20:38 AM »

Hey all, I've been playing this game lately and just worked up a new route after watching Wak's runs on SDA. Assuming bomb and arrow capacity upgrades aren't part of 100% still. Going to practice on emulator for a while to test it. Any input at all would be appreciated!
edit: after one test I tweaked the parts that weren't going to work. I think I have things in basically the fastest reasonably possible order for segmented.

1. normal castle route
grab keys with boomerang
kill ball and chain trooper with 1 pot and sword
grab lamp at zelda
end segment at sanctuary heart

2. start at Link's house
go to level 1
boomerang pass-through armos
2-stalfos trick
self-damage for boss key
grab 10 arrows when going to collect bow
pegasus boots, collect 100 rupees and bombs
end segment

3. start at Link's house
collect book of mudora
heart piece at brothers house
end segment

4. start at Link's house, go to east lake hylia
collect 300 rupees, bombs, arrows, ice rod
end segment

5. start at Link’s house
desert palace
collect 10 arrows in switch room
collect heart piece outside
ice rod on moldorm
blue pendant, end segment

6. start at Sanctuary
pegasus boots rock heart piece
Death Mountain
Heart piece, tower of hera
collect bomb on 2nd floor under jar
bomb jump pearl
red pendant
heart piece in cave, end segment

7. start at Sanctuary
thief heart piece, mushroom, master sword, end segment

8. start at Link's house
Agahnim, Sahasralah in Dark World, end segment

9. pyramid heart piece
level 1: warp when collecting left basement key
collect bomb under jar
bomb big key floor, collect small key below, warp
collect 5 bombs from jars
collect basement rupees
activate switch with arrow, shoot switch in statue moving room
collect 10 arrows from jars
bombs+hammer on helmasaur? arrows to finish
end segment

10. Link's house
dark world in swamp, 300 rupee secret, flute
heart piece south of flute
digging game heart piece
bottle in back of bar, bug net,
flute bird, 100 rupee bottle, blind house heart piece, well heart piece
end segment

11. Link’s house -- head to castle warp
magic powder, Quake medallion,
flippers, zora's domain heart piece, magic boomerang
end segment

12. kakariko dark world warp, level 4
light world, end segment

13. kakariko dark world warp
treasure chest game heart piece
temper sword, collect peg heart piece, double magic, treasure chest
light world, end segment

14. swamp dark world warp
open treasure chest, collect Bombos
drain water heart piece, level 2, light warp, end segment

15. kakariko dark world warp
magic cape, graveyard heart piece,
magic cape trick heart piece, lumberjacks heart piece

16. kakariko dark world warp
level 3
light world, end segment

17. start at mountain
Ether, Cane of Byrna
end segment

18. link’s house, dark swamp, go to lake;
collect island heart piece, bridge bottle

19. flute to lake hylia, level 5
lightworld, end segment

20. flute to desert dark world warp, level 6
heart piece in left-side house,
upper right light world heart piece
heart piece from desert sage
end segment

21. Link’s house; swamp warp, big bomb,
silver arrows, gold sword.
light world, end segment

22. start at death mountain
turtle rock, heart piece in light world, mirror shield
heart piece underground between turtle rock and ganon’s castle

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Deku Scrub

Posts: 12

« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2011, 01:23:42 AM »

this changes everything... I'm unlikely to ever be qualified to do this. Probably going to spend some time racing any% for fun instead.
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