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Author Topic: OoT Meme Category Ideas  (Read 3378 times)
Deku Scrub

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ima noob

« on: January 03, 2016, 05:36:31 PM »

So I had this brilliant idea one day to think up a bunch of stupid meme categories. I made a list. (Note: not all of these are original.)

All hearts
All fairy fountains
All Maps
All compasses
All big keys
All bottles
Master Sword (DoT skip)
Crash% (Either adult Deku stick for N64 or OoB chus for N64/VC/GC)
Max hearts
All skulltula rewards (no 100 reward) (duping can be allowed)
All skulltulas + rewards (duping can be allowed)
50 skulltulas
All songs
All permanent flags
Mask of Truth RTA
All swords
All Tunics
All boots
Get boomerang as adult
Mirror shield + boomerang RTA (two items farthest from each other)
All shields
All spells (Din's fire, Nayru's love, Farore's Wind
All chests (no asschest)
All elemental arrows
Sold out bombchus (buy all bombchus from the bombchu shop)
Most of these are either really long, or really short, or really difficult. But they are ideas.

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