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Author Topic: Exploring Back In Time (BIT)  (Read 7905 times)
Deku Scrub

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« on: January 24, 2015, 09:22:41 AM »

There are three things that I'd like to investigate in Wind Waker: Back In Time (BIT), flight control platform glitch, and fireflies.  I knew nothing about BIT so this was all new to me.  I figured I'd share the information I've picked up from different people, videos, and tests in an effort to collectively move forward and try new things.

BIT with Title Screen
Walking into a loading zone --> Intro
Opening a door leading to a loading zone --> Stuck in transition animation
Opening a door leading to a different room in the same "map" --> Removes title screen
      The only opportunity to do this before the title screen appears and limits Link's inputs is in Ganon's Tower.
Die by taking damage --> Intro
      FF2   http://youtu.be/VTXKDT-bo2k   
Die by drowning (with 3 hearts) --> Intro

BIT without Title Screen
The title screen can be removed in two locations: Ganon's Tower by walking into adjacent rooms quickly near Phantom Ganon area and sailing through a quadrant in the Great Sea.
In Ganon's Tower:
      Fall into void --> Link keeps falling, no voiding out, softlock
      Walk into loading zone --> Link keeps walking into darkness, softlock
In Great Sea:
      KORL does not exist during BIT.  To remove the title screen, Link must TAS superswim through another quadrant.

Chest Storage + BIT
The combination allows Link to bring rupees and heart pieces from chests with him through BIT.  Inventory items have been reported to not work.  Tested items were bow, boomerang, hookshot, and mirror shield.

BIT Attempts

BIT @ Outset   http://youtu.be/mgF323-5wjM
BIT in WW changes Link's hitbox and allows him to roll up steep slopes he wouldn't otherwise be able to, for example the roof of the house by the well on Outset

BIT @ Bell Tower
Link spawns up where the bell is but the tower isn't there, so the game just puts you in the water.

BIT @ TOG stairway leading up to Gohdan
(The ocean visible from the stairway is not the same at the Great Sea.  This area is a separate map. Link can do a Wind Waker dive to resist voiding out and reach the water.  If he attempts to swim into TOG, the game softlocks as Link swims infinitely into the loading zone.)
Link spawns inside beginning of TOG without KORL.  He can swim over to one door on that first floor, but he cannot place a statue to hold open the gate due to the Title Screen.

BIT @ Near TOG entrance in the Great Sea
TOG and KORL are not loaded, and Link spawns in the water.

BIT save @ Anywhere
Regardless of location, BIT save file is named Link and starts at Outset with no items.  Jabun cave entrance is open and empty as it would be in a new file.  If you BIT at Forsaken Fortress 2 and then save, your file is essentially unusable since FF2 turns night instantly, file starts at Outset at night, and sister isn't outside for Link to get the telescope.

BIT @ Windfall (late game, night)
Link spawns at daytime Windfall.  Approaching town starts the initial Windfall cutscene.

BIT @ Outside Hyrule 3 (late game, barrier dispelled)
Link spawns on the shallow water side of monochrome Hyrule 1.  The barrier was probably back, but I couldn't distinguish it from the water texture.  Normally, I'd shoot it with an arrow, but BIT Link has no items.

BIT @ Master Sword Chamber (late game)
In monochrome Hyrule 1, Link spawns near the master sword pedestal, and KORL cutscene immediately activates.

What is it about opening the doors in Ganon's Tower or superswimming through quadrants that removes the title screen?  Are there other instances in Wind Waker where these types of actions can be performed?  Map Glitch in Twilight Princess has similar qualities to Wind Waker BIT with title removed, in that falling into a void leads to a softlock and loading zones act a bit differently.  In TP, map glitch is ended by using a howling stone (at Early Snowpeak) and by riding a Bullbo in the Desert (just before Arbiter's Grounds entrance).  Maybe some insight can be gleaned by thinking of what's common between these events.
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Regular Guay

Posts: 52

« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2015, 04:08:13 PM »

The reason link doesn't void out and gets stuck in the door animation in Ganon's Tower is because there are no loading zones, and because the game expects link to enter a loading zone I guess they saw no reason to end the animation
Deku Scrub

Posts: 10

« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2015, 12:49:45 AM »

Previously, I'd looked at BIT in Ganon's Tower in the Phantom Ganon labyrinth.  I've now tried BIT in the entrance to Ganon's Tower, that vestibule between the Hyrule Castle path and the main lava room of Ganon's Tower.  I thought this was notable because there is a door close enough to remove the title screen and there are enemies in the adjacent room to damage Link.

BIT @ Entrance to Ganon's Tower
With title screen
      Exiting through loading zone to Hyrule Castle map --> Animation softlock
      Entering lava room of Ganon's Tower --> Removes title screen
Ganon Tower lava room with title removed
      Loading zone to rooms --> Animation softlock
      Death by lava --> Animation softlock (perpetual bum burn, audio plays but no voiding out)
      Death by bokoblins, don't save, continue --> Indefinite black screen

I thought the indefinite black screen was interesting because it's a BIT consequence I haven't seen before.  TP's entry for Back In Time Equipped (BITE) on ZSR reads, "If it works...you'll have all of your items... Otherwise the game will lock in an indefinite black screen after selecting the save file."  I'm hoping for commonalities between these "indefinite black screens" and searching for potential locations for BITE in Wind Waker.
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Regular Guay

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« Reply #3 on: January 26, 2015, 05:15:29 AM »

I believe that black screen might be more like the black screens after dying in BiT in Skyward Sword. Those black screens occur because no respawn location was set, so when you die, the game doesn't know where to respawn Link.
Regular Guay

Posts: 51

« Reply #4 on: February 06, 2015, 04:21:27 AM »

It should also be noted that storing Triforce shards (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygBZkq9i3J4) do NOT carry over into BiT.
You can cheat yourself items into BiT. Might help you with your testing Smiley
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