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Author Topic: Simple Guide to using iQue@Home  (Read 27684 times)
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iQue info guy

« on: October 25, 2013, 01:52:43 AM »

Hello people of ZSR, my name is Silver. I recently purchased an iQue from a man in my local area and I'm sure many of you might not understand the iQue@Home software. If you purchased an iQue from eBay or the slim chance you bought one somewhere else, you might not know what you're clicking in the program. So I'm here to provide a simple guide to help you navigate the menus of this program and get yourself on your way to using your iQue.


Step 1: So now you've got your iQue, you'll want to get the iQue@Home software. The iQue site doesn't seem to have it anymore but thankfully Cosmo uploaded it. So go here and download the "complete" version: http://cosmo.dreamhosters.com/ique/

Step 2: Unrar the archive using WinRAR or 7zip or whatever it is you use on your computer.

Step 3: Run the setup file and let it install to your computer

After installing you'll see this on your desktop just run the program. Note: The program may not work on Windows 7/8. Cosmo told me he couldn't get it to work on Windows 7 Pro 64bit but it works fine for me on Windows 7 Pro 32bit. The program is confirmed to work fine on Windows XP though.

-The Program-

After running the program, you might see this it's just the program looking for an update, let it be. If it pops up with an error, close out of the program and launch it again.

Once it loads up you'll be greeted with this screen:

Menu guide:
Apple = games
Arrows = Access your iQue's memory (iQue must be plugged in via USB cable)
House = Sign up/log in to iQue Club (This is not covered because it is not needed)

-Games page-
After clicking the apple of the main menu, you'll see all these . These are all the games you can download using the program. You can click on a game to be taken to the page to download it (covered later). You can click the arrow to go back, the ? for the help page, and the button at the bottom is to go down a page to see more games. You can also click the menu icons at the top to cycle through the menus quickly.

If you click on a game without your iQue plugged in, this is what you'll see: just simply plug your iQue in and wait for Windows to recognize it.

After you've done that, you'll be taken here . You'll see 3 buttons on the right and one text box in the middle-ish. The top right button is to download a demo to your iQue, doing this will let you test a game out before buying it. The button below it allows you to download a manual of the game. This will let you look at the controls and such, just what you'd expect from a manual. The button at the bottom, just above the arrow and ? is the "Buy" button. Before clicking the buy button, you can use the text box line to input a serial code for a card you would use to purchase iQue games. I think a credit card might work as well, not too sure on that one though. The box just right to the cover of the game is just a description of the game.

While games are downloading after clicking "demo" or "buy" may stop and an error may pop up. The most common errors are caused by internet connection errors. If you do get an error, just wait a bit and try again. If the error continues, try unplugging your iQue and plugging it back in or making sure it's on.

-Memory Management-
If you click the arrows instead of the apple or just switch over to it you'll see something like this . This page is for managing the data on your iQue's memory card. The first game on my list is Super Mario 64. The number at the right of the game is how many blocks it takes up on the memory card, the button next to it is to remove the game/demo from the iQue's memory card. If it is orange, it's remove, if it's yellow-ish gold, it's to put it back on. The bar at the bottom shows the amount of space available on your iQue. The red blocks represent used blocks, the yellow blocks represent unused blocks. On the left of the bar is a key that tells you how many red blocks there are on your iQue and how many yellow blocks there are. If you look back at my picture, I have used 201 blocks and have 39 blocks free. You can use this page to help you decide what to keep or remove in order to install the games you want.

The house with the text reading "club" is to access the iQue Club program. I'm not too sure what this is about but I'm sure it is nothing important so just leave that button be. This guide is not to provide a complete translation of everything but just to show you all how to navigate the program and get what you're there to get. If you have any questions about the program, you can ask me. You could also ask Cosmo but due to how busy he is, I might be able to respond faster. You can contact me on Twitter or Twitch, both share the same username as my ZSR login. I will also be watching this topic in case you have any questions. If you want any direct translation of certain text from the program, contact https://twitter.com/mcpowr Mcpowr, a friend of mine who knows a fair amount of Chinese. I hope this guide helps you guys and good luck on your speedgames. I'm sure that's why you purchased the system.

If there are any issues with where I posted this or something about the image size, feel free to modify it (moderators of ZSR)

If you have a 64bit version of Windows and need help using the iQue@Home software, you can view this topic by Tryst http://forums.zeldaspeedruns.com/index.php?topic=1725.0. It'll help you setup a virtual PC and explain the setup to use your iQue.
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