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Author Topic: Reverse Dungeon Order  (Read 7526 times)
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« on: October 29, 2013, 03:40:20 PM »

So this wasn't possible until the recent discovery with 0th day and items everywhere,
You basically just want to beat the dungeons in this order - Stone tower > Great Bay > Snowhead > Woodfall

You may not enter the next dungeons before the previous one has been beaten.

Anyway, Me and GnS threw this route together, It can probably be improved but it's pretty solid as for now.

1st cycle
99r chest
Hit owl
Deposit cash and withdraw 130
Bomb bag and 20 chus
Skip woodfall cutscene with SoDT
Grab stick and nuts by swamp owl
Witch Bottle
Unload Octo
Song of Soaring
Soar to CT for Blast Mask / Get Bremen mask depending on what time it is
Dupe over nuts/sticks and bremen mask
Catch fish
Hidden owl
To Great Bay
Don't bother with the owl
Zora Mask
Pinnacle rock eggs
To Pirates fortress
Stop time for beehive cs skip
Grab all eggs
Swim back to lab
To Zora Cape FF
FFWW to Ikana
Climb Stone Tower
Don't hit owl and timestop over gap
Sunblock clip
Get key
Weirdshot in mirror room
Weirdshot in updraft room
Get hit twice by Garo master and kill him
Drop bomb and open LA chest
Deathwarp to entrance
Flip stone tower with fish strat
Sunblock clip
Kill eyegore with zora jumpslashes
To room before Gomess and grab 5 bombs
Store SoT with Keeta's zora strat
Grab another 5 bombs here
BK Skip
Bubble for infinite magic
Twimold's remains
FFWW to Zora Cape (Grab bombs by Ikana owl if needed)
Turtle Cutscene skip
Grab 10 bombs inside
Gyorg with Zora fins
Grab extra bombs here if needed
FFWW to Snowhead
Lullaby skip
Weirdshot to 2nd floor
Fire Arrows
Hookshot up
Hover to snowballs for top floor
Store SoT
Snowhead BK Skip
Goht with Deku Mask
Grab 5 bombs by the MV owl
Soar to CT
Withdraw 70r and buy 20 chus
FFWW to Woodfall
Enter Woodfall
Grab 5 bombs if needed
Get Bow
Store SoT
BK Skip with Megaflips
Odolwa with SoT Storage
Outside and grab 5 bombs
Clock Tower Hover

Instead of doing the BK skip you could just get the BK and warp back to CT after you've beaten Woodfall and hover up Clock Tower right away.

I don't actually know who's idea this was but I think Indextic was the first person to actually look into it?
Anyway, I feel like this has a lot of potential and can end up being a really fun category.
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