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Title: A Link to the Past: Tricks and Glitches
Post by: Tompa on March 01, 2010, 10:41:28 PM
Before there's a ALttP section at the main page, I'll just create this topic where we can discuss tricks and glitches in ALttP, both versions.

I'm going to start document the known tricks and glitches in the game. I lack proper knowledge of the GBA version, but Greenalink is an expert at that one. We really only need the ones that save time however, or else there are way too many.

I'll start off with a movie I made today, showing off some tricks you can do. Later on, I'll make one video/trick with a proper explanation to each one. But as of now, I'll just post this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FMyrW10KWw

Title: Re: A Link to the Past: Tricks and Glitches
Post by: Greenalink on March 02, 2010, 03:06:09 PM
I learnt a few things from that video such as the quick Skeleton room in the first palace and the light trick during the final battle.

About the GBA version there are some advantages and some disadvantages when comparing to the original.

+ You can set the in-game text to fast which saves huge amount of seconds from start to finish

+ The Crystal and Triforce text can speed up where as the original was a fixed length.

+ Flute Glitches (hyper dash and recycle screens) all thanks to a Cancel function at the Warp Spot select screen

+ The GBA also has a new warp spot which is only unlocked by opening up Turtle Rock and then by going in and then out you'll unlock the warp spot.

* You can continue from where you last saved your game.

+ Mirror Glitchiing (easier and more useful on GBA) is very quick to setup, even if you made mistakes.

+ A 2 new shops are added, one by Thieves Town in the Dark World, selling Bees, Golden Bees and Fairys and one by the west of the pyramid selling Shields (even a Mirror Shield if stolen by a Like Like).


- The length of time to save the game is lengthy (5 seconds) but on the emulator it is instant (making it unfair for Impromptu runs)

- You cannot select 'Start at Death Mountain' as your continue game spot

- The Golden Sword can break pots meaning you have to use Bombs for one of the shortcuts in Ganon's Tower

- The Cane of Somaria shortcut in Ice Palace is useless as they made some changes on the level design. The damage boost shortcut makes up for it however it is REALLY hard master.

- When going out of bounds if you end up in a dark room, you cannot move other than using the Mirror. The SNES original did enable movement in Dark rooms but apparently the game freezes when you leave a place the developers did not intend (Eastern Palace to Thieves Town).

I think that's most of them, I may add some more in later.

Title: Re: Turtle Rock broken on GBA version
Post by: Greenalink on March 23, 2011, 08:04:43 PM

This means that it's the fastest international version yet, that doesn't involve underground based glitches (Up+Down & the GBA variant of the dungeon mirror glitch).