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Title: Controller Questions for Emulator Playing
Post by: ChemC779 on February 01, 2016, 09:19:24 pm
Hello all!

Been looking around the website and found the forums! I am new to Zelda speed-running as of about a week ago. I played the games during my childhood and recently came across a stream for speed-runs and was inspired!

I have a few questions concerning controllers. I am seeing two options for me. There are GameCube controllers modified to USB and then there is the adapter. Now the money I have to spend is important in this decision. But I cam here to hear opinions about the USB modded controllers considering they are cheaper. But if its better to save for the adapter that's what I will do. The one I am looking at at the moment is the RetroLink controller. (not sure if I can post links)

If the USB ones are usable and do okay that's fine for me. This venture is still in the hobby stage and I don't want to spend a lot of money yet until I see how committed I am. But as mentioned if these things are no good then I will just have to wait another month to save up.

I hope I provided enough info to recieve some help! Thanks!  :)

Title: Re: Controller Questions for Emulator Playing
Post by: Jbop on February 04, 2016, 06:23:17 pm
I've only used USB controllers for emulator, though never a GC USB controller. As long as you get a quality one they work just fine.

One possible reason to use an adapter is if you wish to move onto playing on console later you won't need to buy a whole new controller, and you can then also use the same controller between console and emu (if you're practicing something on emulator for example).

I have no experience with controllers + adapters on emulator and for all I know they could have input lag or something. Probably once again a question of quality - someone else will have to chime in with a better answer.