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Title: Best configuration of a PAL Wii
Post by: scaramanga on March 13, 2015, 04:32:51 PM
Hi there.

Living in Europe, the easiest way to get into speedrunning OoT is VC. So I managed to install the Japanese version a few months ago and enabled the "Region free all channels" (or something similar) option in PriiLoader. Not noticing any problems with the NTSC-version of SM64, OoT lagged really bad (it seemed even a bit slower than PAL, but the music was also slower than usual).
I was able to solve that problem easily: I used AnyRegionChanger to change my Screen Region (I recommend not to do anything else with this program, as you could brick your Wii) to NTSC, and was able to launch and play PAL games, due to my PriiLoader-settings, those seem run without any Problem.

Today however, I got a copy of TWW (PAL), which can't be started with the Screen Region set to NTSC, normally. It is possible however to launch it using Nintendont (which is a bit ironical, if you ask me). This is a bit inconvenient.

Has anyone experience with that kind of issue? Is there a set of preferences, that allow lawless OoT, and bootable PAL GCN-games?

Also feel free to post questions or solutions to other region-related problems in this thread.