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Title: OoT any% *theoretical* routes
Post by: ZFG on November 09, 2009, 05:25:16 AM
There are 2 theoretical routes for any% that may be faster than the current any% route, however both need a new, currently undiscovered trick.  I'm posting this to hopefully get some interest for people to find these tricks.

Route 1 - Light Arrow B
Requires: Ganon's Castle early no Hover Boots or ISG

-everything is the same up until mushroom and use fish for rbaing
-after getting mush go to sfm
-get minuet and go in forest temple (skip cs?)
-beat forest with only hookshot and use mush timer to skip the medallion cutscene (this needs to be done extremely fast to make it in time for the mush, probably tas only)
-get mush again
-go to kakariko and trade for odd potion
-rba potion for SoT
-trade potion for saw and rba it
-go up death mountain to get magic
-savewarp or prelude to ToT
-open DoT with SoT (rba'd)
-learn prelude
-go back in time with fish on B
-have fish on c right and 18 deku nuts for light arrow B (buy 20 nuts when you buy the 10 arrows and use 2)
-go to ganons castle (this needs ganons castle early without hover boots or ISG)
-trial skip with armos and bomb boost (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q7Tbi_BUhI)
-up to ganondorf
-shoot 1 light arrow then equip sword and kill
-escape and win

This is probably tas only if possible.

Route 2 - New Deku Stick B place
Requires: Steal the rod as child without a sword or swordless DoT skip

-buy deku stick from shop
-use stick to water ess to escape forest
-cucco bottle
-to hyrule castle before night
-DoT skip *without jumpslash*
-to kakariko
-get egg
-to lon lon ranch
-pay to ride a horse
-get on and off a horse and you will be swordless
-tell ingo to stop the horse thing and leave lon lon
-let the poe next to the tree near the lon lon entrance kill you and you will have deku stick on B
-rba bomb on c right
-wait for day and go to kakariko
-rba cucco
-get cojiro and rba it
-get some bombs
-trade for mushroom
-trade for odd potion
-trade for saw and rba
-go up death mountain for magic
-savewarp and go to gerudo valley
-megaflip across the gap (this also needs confirmation that this is possible without isg)
-get broken sword and rba
-savewarp and the rest is the same

If you get on/off a horse without ever equipping a sword (deleting wont work, it needs ti never be equipped at all) you will become swordless and from there you can get deku stick by dying.  This skips hookshot, the trip to LH as child and adult.  Could save about 2 minutes.  This is also probably tas only because of the megaflip over gerudo gap if it is even possible at all.

Title: Re: OoT any% *theoretical* routes
Post by: Cosmo on November 09, 2009, 05:29:55 AM
thanks for preserving these, i had forgotten exactly how the corral method worked and what the route was exactly.

still could be done on cube if gerudo bridge skip megaflip w/o isg is never found

Title: Re: OoT any% *theoretical* routes
Post by: ZFG on November 09, 2009, 06:01:24 AM
Ya but that would result in a really hard 20 min seg 4 and only 1 savewarp allowed and with that I doubt it would be much faster.  Actually I think that death for deku sticks on B might count as the 1 savewarp which would make it even worse.