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Re: BiT Research Topic
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Reposted here in case youtube eats it:

The area you're working in is known as "Level scratchpad", basically it's where volatile metadata gets stored, if you wish to know more about the format please refer to my documentation project:

I've also written a save editor for it available on my github:

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Re: BiT Research Topic
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BiT stuff from Bob_LobLaw

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Re: BiT Research Topic
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He's correct on every point except one, he used binary blob correctly XD

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Re: BiT Research Topic
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Some things that bug me about the pastebin.

Object State is a terrible name since object is such a broad term, and the flags don't capture the state of a singular entity. They seem to be equivalent to Ocarina of Time's scene flags, but maybe i'm mistaken?

I don't like the term blob because blobs have an indefinite shape, whereas if i'm reading it right each "blob" is a static 16 bytes. I'd call it a block.

"It's important to note that the arrangement and schema of one blob, have nothing to do with any other. What would be a perfectly reasonable blob in Faron might be complete nonsense if inserted into the spot of the Skyloft blob, for example."

That to me seems unnecessarily confusing. Should be something like "The data in one block will be interpreted differently if loaded in a different area".

"Note: if you monkey with the state index byte, you still won't be able to get your file to load your area into a bizarre state. I'm guessing that the game performs some sort of sanity check to make sure that this index belongs with the map you're saved in. This begs the question of why it stores this byte at all since it calculates it on load"

Not sure what that means exactly.

I fucking love how BiT has turned into a trick that involves manipulating bits.
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Re: BiT Research Topic
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For those who were curious, glitching the GS this way and then grabbing the practice sword does nothing. You maintain the GS :P

As for dying in Skyloft, you can jump from the Goddess Statue area down to the area below where you normally follow Fi to get up. I'm not sure if there's a more effective way or not.
You can jump off the top of the Light Tower to take damage, but it's a pain in the ass to climb up, jump off, climb up, jump off, etc.
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Re: BiT Research Topic
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I'm aware that it's known (posted in the BiTloading pastebin), but adding a bit of detail:

Working on making my own Hero Mode file for both Any% and 100%, with exactly what's necessary and nothing more, so I'm currently on Adventure Mode (Normal Mode), doing the BiTWarp to skip Scrapper Escort (saved just outside Fire Sanctuary, at Inside the Volcano if I remember the statue name correctly), and I had Light Tower CS play during BiT after accidently selecting the file and backing out of the save statue to reposition myself. This is known to be possible, nothing new here. No clue yet if it will screw me or not, haven't continued the game since. Don't think it will as I didn't try and load any files while the CS was playing.
EDIT: I'd attempted the BiTWarp before, hugging the statue on the right side, and found myself a bit far away from the vines and had to reset to redo the warp after getting stuck when I fell, jumpslashed in midair, landed, and hit the Fi trigger below. The CS occurred during the second attempt at the BiTWarp.

After the cutscene played, I still retained control of Link and was able to move him around and position myself correctly for the BiTWarp. From what I've read here, viewing a CS during BiT is supposed to remove control of Link from you, and you don't retain control when it ends. Can try and upload the file set as it is now, perhaps it can be combed over to view the differences.
Of note is I am playing on a Wii U in WiiMode (using the Home Menu for resets); not sure if this is relevant or not. While I was attempting to position myself for the BiTWarp, I was continuously Z-targeting the statue; perhaps this let me retain control?

EDIT: Save attached (125kb): Save file 1 is the file I'm setting up, File 2 is corrupt file, File 3 is for BiTMagic. File 1 is currently saved in BiT Skyloft at UA statue with respawn location at Eldin Volcano statue.

Couple observations, most probably already known, unrelated to above.
Viewing the Lanayru Gorge entrance CS early, via BiTWarping OOB and accessing Lanayru Caves early, places the world map in a semi-glitched state; the game assumes that Lanayru Gorge is the last location you visit and thus fills everything else in, even if you haven't been there yet (Sorted by region. Lanayru: Sand Sea, Desert, Temple of Time. Eldin: Volcano. Faron: Lake Floria). Also, whenever you view another area's entrance CS, the Lanayru Gorge region is always filled in, but the map properly zooms in on the correct area. So far I haven't encountered an issue, nor do I believe I will as I'd viewed the Eldin Volcano entrance CS (the last area before Lanayru Gorge) and no issues occurred.

If you fail to BiT off the corrupt file (select Continue, but not reset), you crash with a black screen. Likely because no respawn location is set, if I had to guess, though there's probably more reasons (trying to heal 0 health, for example)

Deathwarping is so hard when stuff does half of Hero Mode damage to twelve hearts. Anyone deciding to make their own hero mode 100% files, get ready to love your Corrupt File!
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