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LA DX SS PoP route
« on: June 24, 2010, 06:37:30 AM »
it seems the zelda run community has moved so I moved too

Genaral: I'm working on a LA DX SS any% run for the last 3 years after playing at mikefest I dicide to do first a Segmented run to push my skill (gets vertified at the moment)

Know I work on the SS again exactly on the Pice of Power route Hier the sda post:

SO time to Necromating this topic

The PoP route is top up to the 5th dungen and works 95% of the time I get the POP in  the room with the 5 Enemies (4 Bat's 1 iron mask)

then my route is:
- going to the first key room killing 2 stalfos (+2)(2)
- way up to the first Master stalfos room killing 1 red flubber 1 bat 4 stalfos (+6)(
- way to second stalfos room Killing no one
- Way to third stalfos room geting bombs on the way killing 1 arrow knight 1 red flubber 1 real night 3 green flubber (+6)(14)
- getting master key teleporting to start
- getting to the last Master stalfons room on the way killing 1 red flubber 4 bats 1 iron mask 2 stalfos (+8)(22)
- getting hookshot telporting
- go to final boss picking 200 rubis ion the way killing 4 stalfos and those 3 stars in the last closed room befor the bos (+7)(29)
- dungen end
- go to face shrine getting key killing 1 spider (+1)(30)
- going to level 6 in level 6 in the room with the 4 green flubber the Pop shoud appear (+4) (34)

The Problem it works only sometimes like 30 %  of my tries so far and I don't get way I think it as something to do with getting hit in the face shrine part but I have no Idear how this effekts the POP

any thoughts?

has someone a idear how those counter work ?? is it mabey possible to read the meomory of the game with some TAS method or something like that?

On the last post in the SDA topic I atached 3 emu vids of the German rom how you can see the problem:

thanx for the help


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Re: LA DX SS PoP route
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2010, 11:26:54 AM »
Hey, I saw your run at mikefest, and it was amazingly good except for that silly mishap with the song.

Unfortunately, we have a lot less 2D players here than 3D players. You will probably be able to find some help, but remember to keep posting at SDA too. Most of us like the 2D games, but they are not our area of expertise.