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Routing min% playthrough, need help
« on: November 20, 2016, 02:32:27 PM »
So, I'm a Youtuber. At some point I would like to do a minimalist run of Ocarina of Time. Problem is, with how far glitching the game has gone, that would entail using glitches to break the game entirely. Because I will be doing a "playthrough" rather than a speedrun, I still want to play the game more or less as intended, so I need help figuring out what is and isn't required under those guidelines.

Here's some specifics:
-NO ISG. Like I said, given this is a playthrough and not a speedrun, I don't want to break the game.
-NO other items on B, or any bottle shenanigans that mess with the game in ways they are not intended to.
-Anything that takes me out of bounds to skip whole dungeons is not something I want to factor into the run. I still want to properly do the dungeons (skipping the compass and map), even if I have to do them in a slightly unintended way (such as Water Temple boot-less or Fire Temple Tunic-less)
-Pickups and keys will NOT count toward the run. Part of the reason I'm doing this is because I'll need fairies for the Volvagia fight if I go tunic-less, and the run as a whole would be too stressful otherwise.
-Plot items (spiritual stones and Medallions, trading sequence items) do not count. I'm only counting items that affect the gameplay.
-I'm willing to do things such as this trick: ( to get into dungeons and lower the number of items I finish with, but nothing crazier. (I know about the other shadow temple glitch to skip the wooden walls, for those wondering. The one issue that arises from this is that I would likely need the Fire Arrows instead, for when I need to burn something and there's not a torch nearby)

Things I know I'll be able to avoid:
-Deku Nuts
-Ice Arrows
-Giant's Knife/Biggoron's Sword (basically, I'll be skipping the whole quest)
-Pieces of Heart/Heart Containers
-Farore's Wind
-Nayru's Love
-Lens of Truth (there's a trick to passing the Haunted Wasteland without doing any serious glitching. I'll figure it out.)
-Hylian Shield (as well as spare Deku shields. Yep, I'm insane like that.)
-Gold Scale
-ammo upgrades
-ANYTHING from the Skulltula house

Things I am not sure if I'll need or not:
-Fire Arrows
-Din's Fire
-Magic Beans (if they are required, I'll only get the minimal amount.)
-Hover Boots (I'm willing to try and learn the recoil backflip thingy.)
-Tunics (I don't think I'll need the Zora tunic, but the Fire tunic might be required, unless there's a way to enter the fire temple without it)
-More than one bottle (I know I'll at least need one, since it contains the Zora's letter which can't be avoided (by the means which I want the route to be structured on anyway), but I may need them all if I skip the Fire Tunic)

I'd like to reiterate: I'm not planning to SPEEDRUN the game. I just need help routing for a future project I wish to do on my channel, and a friend suggested me to go here for help.

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Re: Routing min% playthrough, need help
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