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Glitchless MM3D Route
« on: September 20, 2016, 02:57:29 PM »
After looking at the route on the main page, besides it looking weird (getting Great Fairies Mask?) I noticed that the Goron pound on top of the rock at Ikana wasn't allowed, and I cant understand why. If you just backflip on the rock and pound, there's no Glitching involved, and you're using mechanic the devs gave you. It's sequence breaking, but that's never been a problem in other zeldas for glitchless. It would open up possibilities like skipping skull kid cs and access to the owl early, so i feel like it should be allowed. Anyone else?

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Re: Glitchless MM3D Route
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2016, 11:24:30 AM »
My understanding of glitchless would be using mechanics the developers intended for you to use. The developers intended for players to be able to cancel their pound in the air. The developers intended for the save statue to have a wide targeting range. I see no reason it shouldn't be included.

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Re: Glitchless MM3D Route
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2016, 01:04:30 PM »
To whoever wrote the original glitchless route for MM3D:

I played through the glitchless route and finished it today. I have several questions:
Why is long jump and gainer, techniques that are banned in MM64 glitchless, allowed in here?
"Roll on right side of the room until you can see the barred window
Zora fins on hive."
How is this possible without watching the cutscene?
Is it possible to collect one zora egg, complete Woodfall, complete Snowhead, get Powder Keg, do Goron Race, and make it in time to get Epona before the end of the day?

It might be because I'm not super good at speedrunning the game yet and therefore I'm not getting through the 3rd cycle fast enough, but this category has many questionable aspects. It's clear Glitchless MM3D has been neglected because 1) no one has submitted/recorded a run, 2) the text for the route has several flaws (great fairies mask? 3 cycle possible? "Long Jump to Red Turn Key?"), and 3) this category's rules contradict the rules in MM64 Glitchless. If I can, I'll record a run, post it on YouTube, and show how flawed it is.
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Re: Glitchless MM3D Route
« Reply #3 on: November 28, 2016, 11:18:29 AM »
It certainly is possible with Great Bay and Snowhead early. I don't know much about mm glitchless particularly, but for all intents and purposes you should consider the two as separate games, with their own rules. Long jump for example is allowed because devs changed physics so your speed off a ledge determines how far you jump, and getting hit by a bomb is a normal, glitchless way to get very high speed for a moment. We aren't introducing any new mechanics into the game, so its considered fair game. Same goes for goron damage boosts, and stuff like Snowhead early, where the devs may not have considered it, but with existing geometry we can do them without introducing new mechanics. Gainer is similar, since devs gave us the ability to grab ledges out of a backflip, and targeting makes you stick to a wall. We aren't introducing new mechanics, and it is a mechanic entirely possible in normal gameplay, since "precise inputs and movements" are allowed in glitchless. Oh, and you can long jump to the red turn key from certain spots on the red pipe with human link, its just precise.

P.S. Yeah, I agree the route on the homepage is poorly written  :-\
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