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OoT Championship series
« on: September 13, 2016, 08:08:46 AM »
I'm starting a series of biweekly OoT challenge races that will happen every 2 weeks on Sundays at 3PM Eastern Time.
The goals for these races will only be revealed once the race starts and will demand a good knowledge of the game while still being easy enough that anyone entering should be able to finish.

Expect goals more like this one: than this one:
The format:

-10 races

-One every 2 weeks (starting September 18)

-All skill levels are welcome, anybody will be able to finish all the goals

-Races will be done on Speedrunslive

-Streaming is required

-Top 5 leaders in points will face each other in the finals

-The player that finishes in last place of the finals will be eliminated"

-Process repeats until only 2 players remain

-Top 2 players face each other in the grand finals

So basically you don't have to enter every race but the more races you join, the more points you can get. Every person that finishes will have a certain amount of points, only forfeitters will have 0!
More info here: and here: (ignore the 4:30 there, can't edit tweets :( )

If this whole thing goes well it would be season 1 and I already have plans for a 2nd season. Hopefully everything goes well, a lot of people join and lots of fun is had!

If you have any questions you can ask me on or @xa12345 on twitter.