Author Topic: Enter Stone Temple without elegy of emptiness nor Wrong Warping (works with 1.1)  (Read 1731 times)

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Hi everyone ! I just found a way to enter stone temple without going through the wall, getting the mirror shield and killing the king of Ikana, and without wrong wraping.

What you need : Hookshot, Transformation Mask, Bottle with fish/bug or empty.

How you do it :
Go to Stone tower, And climb as much as you can and then use EHS to hook the highest spot right in front of you : There is the Owl.
That was the easy part !
now wolk on the very edge of the rightmost button, so that when you sidehop (and holding stick in the other direction) you fall on the button again. Now do mask storage, with sidehop, not backflip. Then perform time stop on the other direction. So you have timestop active, and the first rock is on place. When you leave the button, it don't go back to it's place, thanks to time stop, and you can jump on it. Don't fall ! Then press view to exit timestop, and the block will go right to entrance, with you on it.