Author Topic: VC 100%: Possible (probably slower but safer) alternative to 1080 in SVA's ro  (Read 2829 times)

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At the very end of SVA's route for VC 100% (, instead of doing 1080 (you have one shot, and there is basically no backup), since we have Farore's Wind on B, could we:

Get Double Defense
Set FW (Entrance #0568)
Do Fire 2 (which doesn't require FW at all)
FWWW to Last Room of Tower Collapse (Entrance #056C)
Delete and set FW
Gold Gauntlets
Hover Trials Skip
FW back
Exit to Ganon Battle

I haven't tested this out, but I just had the idea. It skips the exterior cutscene and having to do 1080 and voidwarping. Has this already been thought of, and would it work? If so, it would be so much safer, and maybe a small bit faster.


EDIT: (Oct 5, 2016) Doesn't work in the run. Bolero as last cs pointer doesn't work
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