Author Topic: SuperSwim Tower of Gods softlock?  (Read 2068 times)

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SuperSwim Tower of Gods softlock?
« on: August 22, 2016, 05:46:55 AM »
Hey guys,

I tried to pull a SuperSwim from Windfall Island to Ice Ring Isle.
I started the west side of Windfall, charged up, but didn't have the correct angle, so I had to correct midway.
Of course that try failed because my speed was way too low, so I thought maybe smash into Tower of Gods to spawn there?
I went superswimming through an arch (west side), retaining more speed than I thought I exited through one of the southern arches.

And then I fell under the ocean?!

Camera lock is still on, the windwaker HUD is showing, but the camera is zoomed onto the water surface. I don't know if I'm falling endlessly, but I don't drown (like when WW-Diving?).

Anyway, controls don't work. No Start Menu, Map, Items, Camera etc. Softlocked.GER

EDIT: after posting, I mashed all of the GC controller's buttons in anger. Game did reset, I'm in the Start Menu... BTW I run the GER version on a Wii with GC ports using nintendont.

Does anybody know why?
Worst of all, I have to do earth temple again (tunerless). Didn't save :/

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