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Glitchless help request
« on: July 29, 2016, 07:57:16 AM »
Hello everyone, I've been trying to work on getting my glitchless route down, but I often come to a few tricks in which I have some strong difficulty with. Any tips, insight, or comments about how to better perform these tricks is much, much appreciated.

Gainer to Grotto in Deku Palace- I'm fairly consistent with damage boosting to get the Sonata of Awakening, as well as getting to the actual ledge to gainer, but I can't seem to do the gainer itself. I can't replicate what other runners do because they run behind the tree and gainer from there. I can't seem to find what angle people do this gainer. I've spent many hours practicing Deku Palace alone, and I can't seem to finish it in a viable amount of time, and it's because I can't get to the Magic Bean seller by way of the gainer. Any insight or video tutorial will be greatly appreciated.

Goht- Goht is a boss in which I can and have defeated many times in a single-cycle of bow shooting. For actual run attempts I am very, very inconsistent and often times lose my run because I can't defeat him in time to grab Epona. Things that happen when I fight Goht: As soon as I turn around with my bow to shoot him, he just starts running toward me; The very first lightning bolt hits me and he runs away, or I take too long to get a single shot off before anything happens and he runs away. Now with Goht, practice helps, and I practice quite often. Any tutorial on how to kill him more consistently, or any back-up strats when I do mess up are greatly appreciated.

That is all for now, I use beginner strats for most other things. I will more than likely have more questions or tutorial requests as I implement more expert strats into my runs. The reason why these two tricks are so important for me is because they prevent me from finishing runs because I can't get past Snowhead, Goron race, Epona, and Goro Mask before night of first day.

Thanks for any future response.