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Save and Quit with BootNTR
« on: July 23, 2016, 01:56:34 PM »
I capture my 3DS using the streaming over Wifi feature of NTR CFW (custom firmware)

While I'm doing a run I don't use the CFW to do anything else, it's just a way of recording my runs without paying Katsukity $600 to someday send me a 3DS with a capture card.

But there is a known bug in the NTR software where when you are using the streaming feature and you try to switch from one app to another, say when saving and quitting in the Any% catagory, it hangs the 3DS when you try to load the next app you try to open whatever it is unless you reboot the console and start the streaming software over again..

So far runners like me and PhlexPlexico who have chosen to stream using NTR CFW have done the S+Q by completely shutting down the console and rebooting, restarting the NTR CFW software on the 3DS and reconnecting to the 3DS using the NTRDebugger software on our streaming PCs so that it captures the video again. This takes a good 50-60 seconds longer.

The NTR CFW comes with an option to do a soft reboot of the console from a menu, like the console makes you do if you enter the SD card management software in system settings. Rebooting this way is about 10-15 seconds faster than the hard shut down of the console but is using the NTR CFW for something other than just streaming so I've been avoiding doing it up to this point.

I was wondering what the community thought about this. Should we be forced to do the slower reset to keep the purity of the run using the NTR CFW strictly for streaming and nothing else? Or should we be allowed to mitigate this self-imposed time loss by using the soft reboot feature of NTR CFW considering we still lose 35-45 seconds over people recording with a capture kit?
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