Author Topic: Donations /other ideas to improve server capacity / availability?  (Read 3198 times)

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Hey people, admins, mods.

Most of us probably noticed the massive downtimes ZSR had since the server change on March 11th.
Sadly, there was no information provided so I thought I might just ask if there is a way we can help with stuff.

Seeing the way other pages like SRC or SRL handling their server costs by a few donations on a monthly basis, I wonder if this could be an idea for ZSR to have a more stable server environment.
Cause lets face it - right now the server problems with ZSR actually hurt the Zelda speedrunning community. I really enjoy my time here and the comfort ZSR brings, which is why I really put a tremendous amount of work into it, but lately it feels like its barely worth it anymore cause people can't access the information we provide.

This is just an idea and food for thought, maybe the offer for an open discussion on the matter. I'd like to help, but for now, without any information provided, its hard to keep the spirit up.