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HD 100% Amiibo Route
« on: March 06, 2016, 03:15:40 PM »
Located here:

Needs to be tested, night cycles especially. Cave of Ordeals room breakdowns need to be included (we have to go down to F50, so final 6 rooms need inclusion)

If I had to guess, time would be ~9:30, may get down to ~8:30. CoS is just that annoying.

If CoS doesn't have to be done three times (I haven't yet tested), CoO rupee requirements go up from 655 to 825. First CoS savewarp is replaced with Zora Armor equip or Rocket Link, second CoS savewarp replaced with normal savewarp.

If CoS 3 isn't unlocked at it's given location, switch BoE and Castle Town warps in Final Cleanup and CoS savewarp after getting the Spinner HP.

EDIT: Lanayru Twilight bugs need confirmation. My brain hurts too much to go test it now (would require playing from beginning and I can't even look at TP right now, need something else on my mind for a bit)

Things that would be awesome:

Skipping Goron Mines second visit (requires early Clawshot or way to ledge without it)
Someone else looking at this route and improving it.
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Re: HD 100% Amiibo Route
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2016, 05:51:40 PM »
Updated after a test run (Test run took ~12 hours 30 minutes RTA, ~11 hours 25 minutes actual playing) Updated located here:

CoS has to be done three times...
-- CoS cannot be activated in dungeons.
-- All three instances of CoS were moved
---- CoS I was moved to after Fishing Hole bottle. Original location was replaced with a Rocket Link.
---- CoS II was moved to after CoO, prior to the Goron Mines Revisit.
---- CoS III was moved to the Final Cleanup

CoO Room breakdowns down to F50 are mostly done (first 44 floors credit to GC 100% route, F45/F46 uncommented, F47-F50 commented)

Bunch of stuff was tested. Bunch of stuff was moved. Bunch of stuff was changed.

Eldin Province II Savewarp is freaking gorgeous.
-- You go get the bug with the boomerang near the intended entrance to the storage cave.
-- Drop and LJA to the cave exit
-- Enter, get the HP chest, light torches for Stamp chest
-- Savewarp takes you right to the end of the bridge, so you can bombarrow the rocks and trigger the portal. It literally could NOT be a better location.

If you have questions ask. If you want to improve it go right ahead.

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Re: HD 100% Amiibo Route
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2016, 05:00:39 AM »
Gereral Amiibo stuff:

We're likely going to want to at least delete the data for TPHD from the Amiibo, because this way we have to set up Amiibo loading every time. Just like we have to start with clear save files, we should have to start with clear Amiibo data.
-- Not deleting the data means that you've still got Amiibo loading set up, and you've got CoS records recorded.

Setting up an Amiibo load costs ~14s if you menu it quickly (let's make it a bit easier and go with 16s, just because its only done once and the inputs aren't that easy with an Amiibo in the way).
Amiibo loads are ~9s from title screen to loading in-game.
Normal loads are ~13s from title screen to loading in-game, assuming you're loading the same file you last saved on.

So four Amiibo loads even out the extra time it takes to set up Amiibo loading. Now, there is a bit more time lost because you're always saving on the same file rather than saving on the other two files (overwrite confirmation prompts), so I'd guess five Amiibo loads even out, and six or more and it's faster.

Footnotes in route (forgot to list them at the bottom)

[#1] (Kakariko Gorge Owl Statue Chest) - LJA by making the boomerang go OOB in the wall to your right. Alternatively, you can target up on the ledges and LJA that way.
[#2] (Hyrule Field East Mailman Skip) - Tricky little thing. Stand slightly left of the path (in front of you is the void), throw the boomerang straight ahead and LJA as it comes back to you over the void. This might not be RTA viable yet, could use experimenting.

More stuff:
Hyrule Castle Graveyard: Only pull over one Owl Statue, put it in the far hole (left hole facing the wall), stand on the middle of the platform you climb up onto, LJA targeting up on the ramp to get to the owl statue without bringing over the second one. Unfortunately the gap is too big, I haven't been able to LJA the entire gap.