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Let's talk about low%
« on: December 21, 2015, 03:04:39 AM »
I've seen recent debates about low% and new stuff found and I thought it would be good to create a topic there, the 2 current problems are:

-items through files
-bottle contents
(-maybe other thing ?)

about the 1st, for people who didn't know, it is now possible to skip magic by using a powder keg through a prepared file (and by using black magic that I don't really know how it works)

pros: this is a new challenge for low% to skip one more thing
cons: 13 HOURS OF PAUSE BUFFER NO WAY (seriously no one will run the category if this is considered as legit to do that)

The 2nd thing is important for both MM and OoT (I'm especially thinking about mst low%). Let's say you have a bottle, that's 1 item ok ? but what about a bottle with a fairy inside ? or a red potion ?

pros: a bottle is a bottle, it's still in the same slot so it shouldn't be considered as 2 different items. Plus, you sometimes get filled bottle (milk, red potion etc...)
cons: It's true that for our eyes, every bottle contents are still bottle, but think about it... The value of thoses bottles are different (as you can see here: ) The developpers just decided to use a similar sprite between red and blue potion (they just swapped the color inside) but... there are actually as different as the hookshot and the bow are...

For the 1st problem, there is an easy solution: couting every items in BOTH files and that really solves the problem. The 2nd one however...

Let's consider what I said, an empty bottle has the value 20 and red potion 21 (those are the values for OoT I don't know about MM sorry), let's say we all agree to say they are 2 differents items, there will be another problem... what about 2 bottles with the same content ? Because 2 empty bottles are 2 value 20 in the inventory so those are technically only one item. Here is a proof that even the game thinks 2 similar bottles contents are the same item (it's OoT again I'm sorry)

I'm personnaly against the idea of always pushing the game to crazy limits just because we always want more (or technically less in the case of low%) sometimes we should rethink the rules because there are too old and also stay rational (OoT example(sorry again I know nothing on MM): big octo skip in glitchless... seriously guys ?)

I'm not running MM a lot so I won't be the one who'll decide about that but I think something should be done like a vote (hope my english is understandable)