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List of Known Bomb Event Triggers
« on: September 25, 2015, 01:10:50 AM »
Hi all,

I'm posting this here for those who aren't using where this was posted first or don't know about it.


Here is a list of the known "Bomb Event Triggers" as of 22/09/2015

Over World
-Raccoon will become Tarin
-Open Dungeon 8 without the Frog Song
-Open the Windfish Egg without Ocarina or Marins Song (All 8 Instruments required)
-Will wake up the Walrus without needing Marin
-Cancels some Owl animations
-Pieces of Heart are instantly grabbed
-Fairy fountain in Forest "Flashes" her away
-Skips some Owl animations
-You can initiate the dialogue with the "SaveTheGuy" -Guy on the mountain.

-Will instantly grab Instruments from their rooms but will Soft-lock.
-Will make some enemies appear/begin their movement early
-Any Dungeons - Will make the Blade Trap enemies clip through the walls in a endless cycle once all other enemies are dead.
-Dungeon 2: Genie: The bottle just bounces around and the battle never begins.
-Dungeon 3: Slime Eyes drops immediately, instead of having to "bonk" the wall. You can S+Q to skip the text box here without soft-locking the game
-Dungeon 4: Immediately stars Angler Fishes attack pattern, slamming to the left part of the screen.
-Dungeon 6: Breaks Elephant Statues in the room with L2 Power Bracelet and Statues on route to Facade.
-Dungeon 7: Pillars will drop without throwing the ball at them
-Dungeon 7: Spawns 2x Evil Eagle bosses. Killing both gives you 2 Heart Containers
-Dungeon 8: The pushable blocks for the floor puzzles will start moving and you can control them from the door. (Enter North/South of screen)
-Dungeon 8: Will "destroy" the pushable floor puzzle block (Enter from East/West of screen)
-Dungeon 8: Hot Head will pop out immediately, instead of the 'grace period' the game usually grants you before he begins his pattern.
-Windfish Egg: Skip the text at the beginning of fighting the Nightmares