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Boss Rush Tournament
« on: June 08, 2015, 06:03:18 PM »
So I decided to start working on organizing a Boss Rush tournament, made this topic so we could discuss when to start said tournament

== GOAL ==
Be the fastest at clearing the Thunder dragon trial, conquering all 12 bosses and earning the 9900 Rupees
== RULES ==
- Timing starts on talking with the Thunder dragon.
- You can start with any boss but the Horde is adviced to be the first one.
- Timing ends upon earning the 9900 Rupees.
- It goes without saying, but it must be done on Hero mode to be able to fight all 12 bosses.
- Hylian Shield and 18 hearts are recommended.
- Tournament will be held in a double elimination format.
- Races will be done on the English version, as it is the one most people have access to.
- Races can but at not required to be done on SRL.
- Players have one week to complete their matches. In the event the match is not played the participants will be disqualified, unless evidence is provided that there was effort by one of the participants to play the match.
- Tournament seeds will be generated at random.
- ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME, don't be scared if you aren't a top speedrunner of the game.

Signups will be done on Challonge once the date is settled
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