Author Topic: Anyone Want to route Glitchless for Wii?  (Read 4252 times)

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Anyone Want to route Glitchless for Wii?
« on: April 27, 2015, 04:05:27 AM »
I started routing Glitchless for the Wii and I have no idea what is a glitch and what isn't for the game. LJA's can't be done on Wii, but is Early Master Sword still a glitch? It's just a sequence break and doesn't manipulate anything in the game. I would love some help if anyone is interested. I think an estimate for this speedrun would be about 8 hours or so, maybe even more.

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Re: Anyone Want to route Glitchless for Wii?
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2015, 08:55:02 PM »
I had 100% Glitchless on Wii routed a year or so ago, and my segmented time on that was 11h31m roughly.

What I considered a glitch was based on the following three guidelines I had set myself, plus an acknoledgement. Version specific tricks/glitches are defined in parethesis.

1) You must be where the game intends you to be (aka no OOB)
2) You must be where the game thinks you are (aka no Map Glitch)
3) You must travel as the game intends you to do so (aka no Super Jump)
Acknowledgement: Abusing poor coding does not equal a glitch.

Following those guidelines (which I understand can be controversial; how does one define "the game's intent" and "poor coding"), I determined the following to be examples of glitches, with reasoning in parenthesis:

EMS (1, 3; You go OOB and you're using the charge attack as a form of travel)
BiT (1, BiTE is 2 and 3; You're not supposed to be playing on the title screen, and BiTE loads Ordon Village as well as Hyrule Field, and is a warp the game never intended)
Any clipping through objects-Early CiTS main offender of this, but Freezard Skip and EBK in Arbiter's Grounds also qualify (1, OOB)
Iron Boots Glitch (Wii; 3, unintended speed on magnetic ceilings)
Boomerang Long Jump (GC; 3, unintended travel method)
Map Glitch (2, game has a different area loaded than your current location)
Darknut Skip in Hyrule Castle (3, Jump Strike used for travel)
First Barrier in Hyrule Castle- Entrance Room (3, same as above)
Iza 1 Skip (1, OOB either in Plumm Minigame or Clawshot Clip through the wall in Lake Hylia, and then OOB in Zora's River)

Not an exhasutive list, but once again, examples.

Not a glitch:

Delaying rupee textboxes, by jumping over them (being in the air while collecting a rupee is valid, and the game specifically does not have the textbox trigger when this is the case)
Cutscenes warping you to the proper location- example being wolf in Ordon Village, scaring Hanch (abusing poor trigger designs is not a glitch)
Hyrule Courtyard Barrier Skip- King Bublin Pre-Fight Bokoblins (skipping a cutscene and doing a roll is not a glitch. It's certainly unintended, but as above, poor coding of triggers =/= glitch)
Hyrule Castle Barrier Skip-Chandalier Room (same as above)
Savewarps, Deathwarps, Voidwarps (normal gameplay)
Stealing Oil from Trill (It's allowed in normal gameplay. Skipping having Trill get mad at you for it is also not a glitch as the game "soft resets" the area after the bokoblin dies and Trill talks to you, forgetting that you already filled your lantern up)

Cave of Ordeals Boomerang "Debug" (Wii)- The existence of it is fine. It's certainly unintended (you're supposed to fight the rooms) but it's nothing that breaks the guidelines. I'm leaning toward this being not a glitch.
CitS Cutscene Skip- It uses a normal jump attack while falling from a peahat with the wind blowing to avoid a trigger. If you could simply drop from the peahat and land normally then there's absolutely no way that this is a glitch. The jump attack makes this very suspect as a form of unintended travel, and thus why I am leaning toward this being a glitch.
Early Heart Piece/Statue Skip (Temple of Time, 5th Floor)- The former is extremely precise throws. The latter is abusing a cutscene. I'm leaning towards these being not glitches, though the statue skip is much more controversial than the early heart piece. Early Heart Piece is poor coding. Statue Skip uses a cutscene for transportation, which is much more questionable.
Scales Skip- Leaning glitch. You're supposed to balance the weights to carry across the statue; by chaining backhops and not allowing the game to update the weights of the scales, you're really not having the statue travel as intended.
EBK no Scales (Temple of Time)- Leaning glitch here, too, as the railing is not really supposed to be climbed on. Of the debatable ones I view as glitches, this is the one I feel the least strongly about.
2nd Key Shard Skip (Goron Mines)- Leaning not glitch. It's extremely difficult, requires you to climb onto a thin ledge as the ledge is moving and then run off the ledge and grab a higher ledge. It's not intended, but it's grabbing ledges. That said, the Boomerang Long Jump version of the skip, on GC, is hands-down a glitch.
Spike Skips (Arbiter's Grounds, 2nd Basement)- Strongly towards not a glitch. The spikes delay a bit in coming up, you're doing a normal jump attack on the ground, and you're still getting damaged by the spikes. They're just pushing you the "wrong way"- you're not clipping through them, the collision is pushing you away from them as it should, but on the opposite side that you started on.

The main debate points are if normal speed jump attacks are considered "glitches" if they skip/avoid triggers. In some cases, I view it as such (CitS Cutscene Skip, because of the distance covered) and in others, I don't (Hyrule Castle Barrier Skip in the Chandalier room, because it's done from the ground at normal speed). Most game actions (jumping, running, attacking) are completely fine, and it's only when we use them very specifically do they become "abusable". If abusable turns into glitch depends on circumstances.

EBK in Arbiter's Grounds would be fine if it didn't go between the pillar and the wall. Wolfing across sand via normal attacks is either intended or poor coding (not sure which); it's the clipping that renders it a glitch.

All that having been said, a rough route for Glitchless Any% (either version, Wii or GC) would be:
Start time on passing Setup screen (after naming Epona)
Ordon Village, no Gate Clip.
Faron Twilight, no EMS.
Monkey Follow, Steal Lantern Oil, Forest Temple gathering all 8 monkeys.
Roll to Eldin Province, Mailman, Kakariko Bridge, Eldin Twilight
Iron Boots, Back to Kakariko, KB1, Death Mountain, Goron Mines
Bomb Bag from Barnes, Lanayru Twilight (Skip Castle Town until after vessel)
Cannon to FBF (Flight By Fowl), Epona to Castle Town, Telma Escort and KB2
Zora Armor, buy Water Bombs, Kakariko Graveyard to Lake Hylia, bomb open Lakebed Temple
Lakebed Temple, with both sides of water activated properly and boss key obtained.
MDH, Master Sword, Auru's Memo, Cannon to Gerudo Desert
Bublin Camp, run through, get small key, KB3 fight, Bulbo to Arbiter's Grounds
Arbiter's Grounds, Poe Scent, first half, open gate. Long Route second half, no savewarp, no Death Sword Skip, no EBK.
Raise Mirror of Twilight, Ashei's Sketch, Upgraded Fishing Rod, Reekfish Scent, Snowpeak Mountain
Snowboarding, Dungeon Map, Ordon Pumpkin, Ball and Chain, Ordon Goat Cheese
2F puzzles to Bedroom Key, Blizzetta fight. Quick-Kill Phase 2 is fine.
Golden Cucco to Sacred Grove, Sacred Grove 2, Sacred Grove Portal, Temple of Time
Climb to Statue, most things discussed above, get Dominion Rod, get Statue, take statue to 1F, boss.
Hidden Village Sidequest/Chain of Deals, activate Dominion Rod, fill Ancient Sky Book
Move CitS Cannon, Cannon to CitS, CitS, quick-kills on miniboss/boss both valid, as is iron boots "void out" on Argarok.
Palace of Twilight, wings, central tower, Zant.
Hyrule Castle, most things discussed above, Possessed Zelda, Beast Ganondorf, Horseback Ganondorf, QuickKill Ganondorf.
Stop time at Finishing Blow.

100% is a bit trickier, as you have to deal with poes and time of day becomes important. As I said at the start of the post, I had a route for this a year ago but all I have remaining of it is very rough generalizations (I have the splits and their names, and that's about it). Once again version doesn't matter, but Wii is faster (less lag, faster menuing, gear swaps are easier with four slots vs two)

Feel free to debate glitch definitions; I'm just one body (and seven personalities, but let's not discuss those now) and certainly not Mr./Ms. Twilight Princess.

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Re: Anyone Want to route Glitchless for Wii?
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2015, 04:11:21 AM »
This is a really good route and that's the route I was going to do. I was also just trying to get some interest in the category even though it's really long and probably really hard. I've found skips and a few 10 second tike savers. When I get a capture card I'll upload to my youtube all of my Glitchless IL and segments but I want to do this Glitchless run all as a single segment. I'll work on IL for a bit before I start actual runs but the category seems really fun.

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Re: Anyone Want to route Glitchless for Wii?
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2015, 11:35:15 AM »
Any% isn't that big an issue, there's no time of day shenanigans to worry about, but 100% single-segment is *rough*
I think a few of the more major TP runners were interested at one point, until the normal Any% route became so much shorter. Not sure how much is out there on glitchless, though.

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Re: Anyone Want to route Glitchless for Wii?
« Reply #4 on: April 30, 2015, 03:37:50 AM »
So I did a run up to the end of Goron Mines and stopped time when Fyrus dies. I ended at 2:29:57 but there were about 5 or 6 minutes of annoying mistakes.

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Re: Anyone Want to route Glitchless for Wii?
« Reply #5 on: April 30, 2015, 01:50:30 PM »
You can definitely save a bunch of time on that. Looking at my splits from my (granted, segmented) 100% Wii run, I was at 2:13:02 at the save prompt after Goron Mines, and that's with 100% requirements being fufilled (grabbing golden bugs, pieces of heart, hidden skill 2, etc) and doing a very poor route in Goron Mines (Savewarp after Key Shard 3, plus diversions for 50R chests)

Some of my times to specific splits. Keep in mind these are segmented, but 100%.

Ordon Village- 16:37
Entering Forest Temple- 37:59
Gale Boomerang- 49:27
Forest Temple Save Prompt- 1:04:25
Eldin Twiilight Completed- 1:21:57
Entering Goron Mines- 1:48:23
Hero's Bow: 2:03:31
Goron Mines Save Prompt- 2:13:02
Lanayru Twilight Completed- 2:47:46
Telma Escort Completed-2:58:09

I don't have any splits past that point because I changed how I was splitting and never did another run to get splits. Some times of note:

Midna's Desperate Hour: 8:37.14 (After Lakebed Temple Save Prompt to Zelda CS)
Sacred Grove I (Master Sword): 8:13.81 (After above CS to Inspecting Master Sword)

Dominion Rod: 16:08.47 (After entering Temple of Time to acquiring Dominion Rod)

Hyrule Castle: 10:41.49 (From entering Hyrule Castle to entering final fight, sum of Outer Castle and Inner Castle)
Puppet Zelda: 2:04.83
Beast Ganondorf: 1:49.89
Horseback Ganondorf: 1:27.49
Ganondorf: 2:30.13 (I wasn't doing Jumpslash/Great Spin combos, as I didn't know about its effectiveness)

If I had to take a guess, you could easily be at Goron Mines at 1:30:xx or earlier, without getting 100% requirements. Can probably do the dungeon in 20 minutes, so I assume you could be at completing Goron Mines by 1:50:xx in Any% RTA.

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Re: Anyone Want to route Glitchless for Wii?
« Reply #6 on: May 01, 2015, 04:43:03 AM »
Do you have your segments uploaded to YouTube or anwhere? I would absolutely love to see an easier route.

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Re: Anyone Want to route Glitchless for Wii?
« Reply #7 on: May 01, 2015, 03:13:58 PM »
I don't have recording capabilities, nor did I record them, sadly. I kinda wish I did, as I want to know my old 100% Glitchless route.

Here's the Any% Glitchless route I would do, in rather detail. My apoligies for it being a huge block of text; maybe a generalized route is easier for you to follow.

Roll to Epona, Epona to Ordon Ranch, Goats 1. Possible to get a 5R from RNG Grass en route. Need at least 3R before entering ranch.
5R under rock to right (GC) or left (Wii) if necessary, Ordon Village, Hawk for Cradle, Fishing Rod, 2x10R on roof (L/Z target for easier climb to roof)
Rest of rupees to have 30R in grass by waterwheel, fishing 2x, Sera's Shop, Bottle with Milk, Slingshot
Back to Link's House, Wooden Sword, Slingshot Tutorial, Sword Tutorial, Epona to Faron Woods, Lantern from Coro
Through cave, Small Key in alcove, finish rescue sequence, Goats 2, crawl cave to Ordon Spring.

Sewers, Rooftops, Zelda CS, Shield, Sword, Ordon Spring Portal, enter Faron Twilight, Faron Vessel/Tears like normal (100% Non FEMS route for reference)
Small Key from Coro, Monkey Pushing, Lantern again, steal oil from Trill, enter Forest Temple.
Monkey from bottom cage, slingshot spiders on vines. Torches in next room, out to bridge, back to torch room, kill big spider, cross via monkey, small key, Monkey 2
Back to torch room, across to other side, Monkey 3 behind boulder (Small Key in chest on pillar), Monkey 4, back to torch room
Cross gorge via monkeys, Gale Boomerang
Back to outer area, Monkey 5 on way back, Boss Key. Through to boss door room, climb vines, small key chest and Monkey 6
Back to room before boss door room, Monkeys 7/8 (either order), back to boss room, Diababa.

Roll to Eldin, talk to Mailman, Kakariko Bridge Portal (W N Faron), fix bridge (W Kakariko Gorge), dash to Kakariko Village, Kakariko Village Portal, get vessel.
3 tears in Sanctuary basement, bug in Kakariko Graveyard, bug in Shop, bugs in Inn, cross to bug in Abandoned House, bug in bomb shop, 3 bugs in bomb storage house
Continue up, bug in observation storage house, climb Death Mountain Trail (DMT), bug in clearing, DMT Portal, bug under vent, final bug in spring.
Roll to DMT, climb, knocked off by goron, back to Kakariko Village, Taming Epona, Epona to Ordon Village, 100R behind fishing pole house, Iron Boots.
Epona to Kakariko Village, KB1 fight, Climb DMT, Sumo, enter Goron Mines

First room shutting off vents, through door, small key below, roll to third room. Sidehop skip first platform, pull back wall, around and through gap. Normal next room, Key Shard 1.
Up to top of room, back to lava room, iron boots to upper door. Magnet Cranes to 2F, through, small key chest, iron boots to crystal.
Through to second half of room, iron boots to upper level, slash down bridge, drop to door. Small key in chest by beamos, across to door.
Through to big spinning platform, run to center on single side, iron boots to stay on, run to far side.
Can either do spinning platform key shard skip or get Key Shard 2, either way, iron boots to miniboss room.
Miniboss, through to Hero's Bow, Key Shard 3, backtrack through miniboss room to outer area, jumpslash off magnet crane to skip drawbridge (shoot down drawbridge if you deem this glitch)
Through to Fyrus room, Fyrus.

Epona to Bomb Shop, buy Bomb Bag (requires 120R), Epona out North Kakariko Village, bombarrow rocks for Bridge of Eldin (BoE) portal, open portal, Epona to Lanayru Twilight.
Lanayru Twilight, cross riverbed via stairs, dash to Great Bridge of Hylia (GBoH), oil burning CS, jump off to Lake Hylia, cannon guy talk, Bublin Archer fight, Zora River flight to Upper Zora River (UZR)
Dash to Zora's Domain (ZD), Climb Icefall, ZD Portal (W DMT), Dangerous Rock (W ZD)- both warp out and warp in CS are skippable, water to Lake Hylia, Lanayru Vessel.
Bug en route to Lake Hylia messengers, Lake Hylia Portal, bug across stepping stones (W ZD), ZD bug, drop to upper level, bug on upper level, two bugs on lilypads
Bug by Mother and Child rocks (M&C), river to UZR, Iza bug, Waterway to Hyrule Field, dash to Castle Town (CT), CT bug (W Lake Hylia)
Bug behind cannon house, Zora River flight for four bugs, fall to Lake Hylia, bug on dock, boss bug.

Cannon up, sidehop skip ladder, roll to horse reeds, Epona to CT, Telma Escort, Zora Armor, buy WB from Barnes (sell bombs if you need R, otherwise get rid of bombs during Telma Escort)
Kakariko Graveyard to Lake Hylia, WB open Lakebed Temple. If you need more WB, pick them up in chests, one chest in first room, another chest by stalagtite in second room.

BA stalagtites, staircase room to 1F walled off, small key in lower chest, back to staircase room, 2F above 1F door you were in, normal to water tower (SK in chest across top of Cog room)
activate water tower, back to cog room
Drop to 1F, platform to miniboss exit area, small key in chest, platform to other side, through water to miniboss room, BA/GB to kill without dealing with tadpoles, Clawshot, exit via clawshot.
Clawshot back to staircase room, clawshot to move staircase, through to other side of dungeon. Clawshot to 2F in Double Cog Room, through to Water Tower, activate water tower
Cross 2F in Double Cog Room, drop to 1F, cross to far side, Boss Key, back to staircase room, Morpheel

MDH normal (W N Faron), Sacred Grove normal (W Lake Hylia), Auru's Memo, Cannon to Gerudo Desert, dash to Gerudo Mesa, open Portal, dash to Bublin Fortress, Normal fortress, grab small key
KB3 fight, Bulbo to AG, enter AG

Normal first room (wolf across sand), small key, second room, light torches, poe and Poe Scent in next room. Dig for chain, pull chain, enter B1.
BA Redead, small key, clawshot to 1F, 2nd Poe, backtrack to Poe Gate room, take 1F door above B1 door, through to locked door. Wolf across sand/platforms to crate
Pull crate, position appropriately, pull chain and cross via crate to continue pulling, roll under chandalier, push statue to turn room, key from chest behind redead, through to locked door across
Around room, kill skeletons/redeads, wolf dig and pull chain, Poe 3, through to next room. Small Key chest, to locked door. Cross Poe Gate Room on 2F, down to crate, push crate in place
Pull chain, stand in center of chandalier, climb onto chandalier and cross to door, enter next room. BA Stalfos, through door to next room.
Light front torch and far torch closest to door (far left on GC, far right on Wii), transform before door opening CS (roughly two frame window)
Poe "Miniboss", through door to chandalier room, wolf across sand to Poe Gate room, through Poe Gate to second half of dungeon.

Through only accessible door, drop to bottom, push pillar to raise platform, get small key from chest, platform to bottom, through door. Cross spike room (learn route)
Spike clip/ go around to get past moving wall, wolf across sand, through to next room. Bomb Stalfoses, through gate, clawshot over sand, to Death Sword, Death Sword 1-round kill
Spinner, spinner to higher door, spinner up through next room, Boss Key, Spinner to turn room, spinner up to Stallord.
Stallord, Quickspin 1-round kill acceptable on GC, Wii Spin Attack/Jump Attack/Jump Attack combo, two rounds.

Raise Mirror of Twilight (W ZD), Ashei's Sketch (W Kakariko Village), Upgraded Fishing Rod (W ZD), Fishing for Reekfish by M&C rocks, Reekfish Scent, Climb Snowpeak Mountain
Open Snowpeak Top Portal, Snowboarding, enter Snowpeak Ruins

Reminder: Doors in this dungeon must be opened as Human.
Dungeon Map, Yeto CS, Block Puzzle 1, through door that opens. Dig to courtyard, small key in half-buried chest, through locked door, to door at end of hallway.
Kill Mini-Freezards, through door that opens, BA/kill Chilfoses, Ordon Pumpkin, back to Yeto, hand in Pumpkin, to Yeta, through door that opens.
Dig for buried chest, small key, open locked door, cannonball in holder, back through door, cannonball in cannon, blow up Freezard with cannon, through door.
Darkhammer fight, Ball and Chain, through to back room, Ordon Goat Cheese, 100R from bubble in armor, savewarp.
100R from bubble in armor, talk to Yeta, Goat Cheese to Yeto, Yeta, through door that opens. Through door on 1F, B&C block, cannonball back to door you entered, place in holder, through door.
Climb to 2F, kill Freezards in cages, through door, grab small key, voidwarp to room entrance, back, out to 2F in entrance hall. Break ice (safety), cross to far side, through door.
Through other open door, push block to open path between 1F and 2F, solve puzzle to unlock 2F door, through unlocked door. Cross 2F, clawshot into next room, through door.
Break ice (safety), chandaliers to 2F small key, back through block puzzle room to ice room, use key, kill freezards/push blocks down, break ice to unlock cannon.
Drop down to 1F, grab cannonball, take cannonball to 2F cannon, cannon cannonball to freezard room, cannonball in holder on 2F.
Cannonball kill freezard at top of ladder, cross to ladder, Chapel room, Boss Key, up to 3F for Blizzetta with quick-kill 2nd phase.

Warp N. Faron, Golden Cucco, Sacred Grove II, Sacred Grove Portal, through to past, enter ToT.

Pot on switch, light torches for small key, Ooccoo, 2F door, pot on switch, clawshot break pot after through gate, pots on switches, through gate, out to rotating pillar room.
Stairs/Spinner to 5F, grab statue, Statue Skip (or grab 2nd statue from 3F central area if you deem this glitch), BA armoses for Small Key Chest, out and through locked door.
Crystal switches normal (no clawshot skip), out to 6F, Scales room. Two statues on left side to balance scales, cross to far side, clawshot to platform, grab statue, run statue up to scales.
Throw all three statues onto far scale, climb up/clawshot up/spinner around to boss key room. Boss Key, exit, jump down past scales to 7F door. Evade spikes/beamos, up stairs.
Small Key chest behind blade trap, Pot on switch to disable electric barrier, out 8F door. BA Armoses, through gate, Darknut fight. Grab Dominion Rod from chest, DR statue from underneath, statue to bell.

Statue on platform, raise platform, statue to stop electric barrier, normal to beamos, smash beamos with statue, put statue on platform. Grab small statue from pedastl with DR, small statue on pressure pad.
Statue to bell, out to scales room. Pull statue onto scale, throw small statue onto other scale, jump down and cross to other side, pull down two small statues, throw them onto scale.
Pull statue across to closer scale, throw four small statues onto far scale, get off scale, pull statue across and down to bell, exit through door.
Roll down to fences, DR statue to break down sliding doors, statue to bell, exit. Rotating pillar, grab statue, Pillar to 3F, statue off pillar, Pillar to middle, down to 3F, statue to bell, exit through door.
Clawshot over gate, DR statue to 2F, breaking gates, statue to bell, exit through door.
Statue up central steps to platform, through door that opens, cross room, small statue on pressure pad, through gate, DR statue off pad, through to boss room.
Angromodda fight with DR/Bow (no Bomb Arrows), Bomb Arrow eyeball after fight "finishes".

Exit past (W Kakariko Village), Renaldo's Letter (W CT), Renaldo's Letter to Telma, obtain Invoice, side roads to doctor, obtain Medicine Scent, wolf back to Telma's cat.
Out South Castle Town, 1st person view at Sun until night, kill Stalhounds for Statue (W Kakariko Village), Statue to Ilia (W Gerudo Mesa), BoE Piece (W BoE), wolf to Hidden Village.
Shootout, obtain Ilia's Charm, show Dominion Rod, obtain Ancient Sky Book, roll out of Hidden Village (W Kakariko Village), show Ilia's Charm, basement, show Ancient Sky Book, reactivated Dominion Rod.
Any order for the following. If you need extra 100Rs, quickest to slowest, in order, in 1-4 positions. 5/6 are Pieces of Heart.
-- Castle Town, by GBoH, atop ledge (clawshot to vines and drop)
-- Castle Town, Amphitheater
-- Kakariko Gorge, in upper corner
-- Gerudo Mesa, atop puzzle platforms
-- Bridge of Eldin, north end
-- South Faron, behind boulder by Coro
Return to Shad, DR Owl Statue, warp cannon, talk to Shad, warp cannon (W Lake Hylia), repair cannon (requires 300R), clawshot into cannon into CitS.

Entry CS, towards central tower, clawshot crystal, through door. Cucco fly across gaps, through to main room. Clawshot to grate to left (GC)/right (Wii), head through gate and get small key.
Coming back, Argarok CS Skip via staying on the ground (no Peahat method), clawshot back to central room, cross to other side and across bridge, through locked door.
Shut off third fan with clawshot, iron boots across first fan, clawshot past second fan, out through door by third fan. Block room with intended route.
Quick Dynaflos fight, clawshot to vines before gate opening CS, turn on air jet and Oocca across to upper door. Normal room here (Fan skip/Oocca Jump valid- both different names for same trick)
Oocca Fall to B2, Aeraflos Quick-Kill, Double Clawshots, Savewarp.
Drop to B1, clawshot around to 1F door, exit to tower, Clawshot/Climb to 3F door, exit to gardens, clawshot/run around to far exit, clawshot across to central tower.
Clawshot up to 4F, ropes to big key door. Big Key, drop to 3F, clawshot grate, ride clawshot down below 3F floor, clawshot ceiling lever to turn on fans, drop and exit north.
Clawshot across, enter, clawshot up, out boss door, clawshot to boss fight, boss fight as normal (quick-kill phase 1, void out start of phase 2, iron boots void trick Argarok)

Warp Mirror Chamber, enter Palace of Twilight

First Wing, Phantom Zant, Sol back to entrance, Second Wing, Phantom Zant 2, Sol back to entrance, Upgraded Master Sword, central tower.
Small Key in every room, Big Key in tower behind shadow wall on outside 3F room, boss door.
Phase 1, GB him, Phase 2, Iron Boots or careful rolling, Phase 3, Iron Boots/Zora Armor/Clawshots, Phase 4, force-unequip Iron Boots, roll into central tower for 2nd round, Phase 5, B&C, Phase 6, quickspins/etc.

Warp Castle Town, enter Hyrule Castle

To King Bublin 4 fight, barrier skip en route, savewarp/roll around barrier, enter central tower.
Indoor barrier skip, clawshot to 2F, Darknut fight. Lantern room, kill Lizafoses, exit to outdoors, Small Key from Aeraflos, Big Key from CS, 3F door.
Roll across blocks, run up broken staircase, spinner up next staircase, clawshot up third staircase, final Darknut fight.
Puppet Zelda (7-rounds ideal), Beast Ganondorf, Horseback Ganondorf, Ganondorf. Quick-kills all valid.

As far as the ground-based CS skip, one can argue it's walking on unintended ground, but if the staircase railings were not intended to be walked on, then they made the collision for them very poorly to prevent it, they placed things very poorly to prevent it, and they placed the CS trigger very poorly. And as I always believe, poor coding =/= glitch.

If the CitS EBK strategy used for Any%/AD results in the fan not being on after the miniboss fight, then we have an alternative route for the second half of CitS (after the savewarp)

Back to central tower, clawshot to 3F, outdoor area, climb to 4F, Big Key, drop to 3F, Clawshot grate, hang down, turn on fan.

Continue as above.
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