Author Topic: The Wind Waker SD and HD Back to Back Race!  (Read 4660 times)

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The Wind Waker SD and HD Back to Back Race!
« on: September 22, 2014, 04:15:09 PM »
So recently we The Wind Waker runners and I have discussed a large The Wind Waker SD and The Wind Waker HD Any% Back to Back Race (shoutouts to thiefbug for the original idea of 3D Zelda Back to Back Races).

The category will be Any% and you can start on either version first if you are more comfortable with one over the other. Both games will start from a new file and you MUST NOT start the other game until you have made the final input on Ganondorf. You can run Japanese, English, Italian, Tuner and No Tuner for SD as well as English, Spanish and Italian for HD!

It will occur sometime with the next few months (preferably before AGDQ) and is open to any runner from ANY community. We hope you can join the race.

I have put together a pastebin ( ) full of the runners that are currently intrested. If you are intrested in this also you can either leave a post here or contact me on twitter (@goldphnxx) or twitch (

I hope you can join the race!
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