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TWW Weekly Race
« on: August 28, 2014, 03:07:14 PM »
We will have weekly Any% Races on SRL every Saturday at around 3PM EST. We will start these races from a race file so that no one is trying to go for a PB, which will hopefully minimize the number of forfeits. Also Outset and FF1 are boring anyway.
Race File Criteria:
 - Save and Quit immediately after getting the Wind Waker.
 - Any items may be equipped.
 - No chests have been opened except the Spoils Bag chest.
 - 3 Hearts
 - Around 80 rupees (do barrel game before DRI)
 - Tingle Rescued
 - No items obtained except: Hero's Clothes, Hero's Sword, Hero's Shield, Telescope, Spoils Bag, Pirate’s Charm, Tingle Tuner, Sail, Wind Waker

Edit: Time changed to 3PM EST.
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