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Consistent Superswim Speed
« on: July 27, 2014, 02:20:48 PM »
We've been experimenting with frame data for Link's superswims. It's been known for a while that Link's speed is connected to which frame of his animation he is at, but recently we found out that because Link's animation advances a couple of frames whenever you pause, you can only buffer using Link's animation at a specific time (the second red flash on the air meter), and you have to buffer for when Link's head is tilted up.

This strat works on any superswim where you don't get an air refill and you don't shoot out away from the island (doing either of these will mess up your timing). It also seems to provide consistent Greatfish speed for me, although obviously it won't work on Greatfish from Dragon Roost (YOLOfish) because we use air refills for that.

Anyways, I made a tutorial on this strat, hopefully it helps you understand superswims better and you can always get good speed like I do: