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Hey all
« on: July 17, 2014, 01:51:40 PM »
Hey folks!

I'm a fan of Zelda since I got OoT for N64 (hell yeah) and played many others too and enjoyed them.
I'm from the Netherlands, 19 years old and I mostly play old school games like Mario Kart 64 (or other N64 games). I'm one of the 100 best MK64 in the world too!

As you might have noticed in my signature or my posts at ALBW section, I'm currently #1 with the minigames and I keep trying to beat my records (2 are maxed out), but I also started speedrunning it without using skips.

Check out my vids on Youtube here.
For Mario Kart vids, go here.

I'm looking forward to meet you all and I'll give my best to get the best records of all! (ALBW related)
#1 ALBW, since February 2014 (minigames)

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Re: Hey all
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2014, 02:22:42 PM »
Quote from:  Leigh Rogers
This is art because the music is classical music, and the graphics are done with a pen. The story is something about a woman. I could not understand much of this to be honest, which makes it even more likely to be an art.