Author Topic: HD/SD Overlook Triforce Shard after FF1  (Read 5002 times)

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HD/SD Overlook Triforce Shard after FF1
« on: July 11, 2014, 08:08:47 PM »
Outset Normal
FF1 Normal
You're on Windfall and KORL tells you to get a sail. Walk over to the dock behind the auction house and buffer a superswim to DRI.
Upon arriving, you get the Windwaker (proof: @ 6:14).
Walk to shrine and get Wind's Requiem.
Walk back to the circle of bombflowers and quickspin HP to 1/4 Hearts.
Aim your camera in a perfect fashion toward Overlook's loading zone hole.
Hover all the way to Overlook and lower yourself into the loading zone hole.
Link will die inside the Overlook, but since KORL has not been assigned to you yet, you will respawn in the Overlook.
Fight through the overlook as normal and play normally.
Play Wind's Requiem and open the chest.

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Re: HD/SD Overlook Triforce Shard after FF1
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In SD it's much better to use chest storage for this rather than zombie hovering.