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All the Zelda speedrunners are transported to Termina from Majora's Mask to fight it out to the death.  Only the last person alive gets to come home to the real world and is rewarded with $50million and as many beautiful women as they desire.

You get to pick 3 items from the inventory in Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask.  WHICH THREE ITEMS DO YOU PICK???

Restrictions & Clarifiers:

- you cannot take the Fierce Deity Mask or Chateau Romani (way too OP, everyone will take them both, makes this no fun)
- ammo is found in the same places you would find them in Termina and with the same frequency.  There will be 100s of people scavenging for arrows, magic, etc, so it will be scarce.
- you can perform glitches if you have the items to do it (bomb hovering requires an explosive and a shield)

Discuss your choice of items and your strategy!
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Bottle, Fish, Shield. Perform Time Stop Glitch for eternal life.
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Stone Mask, so nobody sees me (hypothetically)
Ocarina of Time, to freeze time and warp away before the fatal blow of an enemy.
Zora Mask, so I can camp underwater and slash the enemies with my boomerangs.
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Bombs (HESS to get the fuck out)
Great Fairy's Sword (with great spin too op)
Mirror Shield (OoT 1.2 Mirror Shield looks 2cool)