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A Link Between Worlds Hype
« on: October 16, 2013, 04:34:27 PM »
Time to hype this game up.

There's been a lot of news about Link Between Worlds being leaked recently, so lets see if I can list 'm out.

The game takes place between Hyrule and Lorule. It appears that Lorule characters are based off of Hyrule ones. Ex. Hilda is the Princess of Lorule.

The main villain is named Yuga. At the moment it is not entirely known if it is a he or she (some refer to it as being he). The design of the head reminds me of Ganondorf.

Items will work differently this time around. There will be no dungeon items; instead items will be accessible from the beginning of the game from a weapon shop, and can either be rented or bought permanently. Rented items disappear on game over and will have to be bought again. Also, it seems items will consume magic.

Weapons can be upgraded. For example the bow can be upgraded to shoot three arrows instead of one, but will consume more magic.

The dungeons in the game can be tackled in any order. Aonuma's comments on difficulty progression seem contradicting.

"But in the late dungeons, things do get more difficult. Within each dungeon, youíll have a lot of obstacles to overcome using different actions."

"As far as the items themselves, even though you have the items from the beginning, some of them are more difficult to use. Some of them will take more practice. I think thatís where youíll find the differences in difficulty showing up. You might find a dungeon that requires you to use an item that you maybe havenít used a lot yet, so you have to train yourself in order to overcome something."

In terms of the difficulty level, each dungeon features new ideas involving the item you need to use there, so there isnít some kind of process or order you can follow to make it easier. However, if you are using a particular item more than normal you will become more used to it so you may find it easier to complete the corresponding dungeon in that case. However this is a reflection of your own skills increasing so I think the game would be most fun if you try out lots of different approaches.

Monsters drop items that can be made into potions, similar to Windwaker / Skyward Sword.

Game hints can be bought with rupees while wearing the Hint Glasses instead of Fi

Aonuma has hinted that Majora's Mask will have some impact on Link Between Worlds.
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