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Apparently this is where people new to the forum post their introduction :P.

Hello! My name is Garnitrex, you can also call me Beegle if you would like. I am the mysterious runner who will be playing Master Quest during the ZSR Marathon. I am a member of SRL as well, and do race there occasionally. I learned about speedrunning from SDA 9 years ago when a friend of mine showed me the PAL Metroid Prime 100% run in 1:30, and have been infatuated ever since. I posted a handful of times in the Metroid2002 forums as "Sneaky Paradox", but have since donned the name "Garnitrex."

Games that I actively run:

OoT: Master Quest
Ocarina of Time
Super Metroid
I am also very skilled in Castelvania: Circle of the Moon, but due to lack of competition I am not pursuing better times in it.

Kind of a long intro, I know, but I figured there was plenty to write :].

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Re: Howdy!
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Good luck on the marathon run
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Re: Howdy!
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Hey, Goron Guy! Thanks for the luck, man, definitely appreciate it.

Best of luck during your run as well!