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Re: All Medallions NG+ Category
« Reply #40 on: July 13, 2014, 04:40:29 PM »
Here's a new route for this that I came up with using the new bottle dupe with quick draw:

Things to note:
-Only watch light medallion once
-Still have to watch LACS even though you dont BA off it. This does skip sheik cutscene though
-Uses a fairy to keep hammer in DHWW just so that you can dupe over it
-I'm not sure whether it's faster to walk to market straight from odd mush or to return FW to DC and walk to market, route is written with the latter
-I put no consideration into time of day when making this so hopefully that works out
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Re: All Medallions NG+ Category
« Reply #41 on: July 06, 2016, 12:38:23 PM »
Hey Everyone! I thought this was my own idea. but oh well. :c I came up with a route, and it still needs a little bit of help. You will see not very much fastness, and that's because I wanted all medallions to live up to its name on both platforms. When you think of All Medallions, you think of Cosmo, and how hilarious that was to watch. I wanted that to be the same for the oot3D version too, so I found a roundabout way to make this fun, yet still pretty optimal and fast. Feedback appreciated :) (We don't get ocarina instead we use OI)

Goron City Forest Escape
(Get Red Rupee)
Bomb Eyes
Castle at Night (40 Rupees)
Zelda's Letter
Lon Lon Ranch Milk Bottle
Take Owl
Go To Zora's River
Get a Bean
Silver Scale
Plant Bean
Go to Jabu via TSC
Get Farore's Wind
Set Farore's Wind in Market
Trade Sequence (Ugh)
Lake Hylia again
steal fishing rod
Milk on B
Halfmilk RBA Mask of Truth
Goron Tunic :D
Go To Slingshot Place in Market
DoT Skip :D
Go to Kak
Get Egg
Graveyard Shield
Suns Song
Wake Talon
Go To Kokiri Forest
set FW outside of Twins House
Go to Lost Woods
RBA Mushroom
go to DMC via Lostwoods entrance
Mega flip over gap
enter fire temple
Get Hammer
BK skip
FWWW to Light Medallion CS
go back to Goron City
Set FW in top entrance
go back to DC
kill King Dodongo with your Hammer
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