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Title: Adventures of Link SS Route
Post by: mzxrules on January 05, 2010, 12:50:18 AM
I'm working out a route for the marathon based on This Video (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/3725992)

- Exit Palace Left
- Get Magic. Kill just two groundcrawlers first, the 3 octorocs, and then last crawler (6th kill) - 36 xp
- Learn Shield
- Get P bag (50). Kill 3 bats.  95 xp
- Kill groundcrawler 98 xp
- Enter Parapa Palace, head down and to left
- Kill 2 Bots (6th kill), grab key and kill stalfo  130 xp
* In second room to the right, use jump + lowslash to kill the xp drainers quickly, and run under the giant pulsating thing
- Pass over the elevator and kill two stalfos, exit right 190 xp
- Kill Bot and stalfos, Level up Attack, exit up 22 xp
- Jump over first XP drain, Hit second, grab Key
- Kill Bot two XP Drains and Red Cyclops, skip level, grab Key, kill two more Xp Drains and Bot 76 XP
- Kill the two XP Drains; elevator down
- Go Left, Kill Bot 78 XP
- Jumpstab first two MP Drain, nab 3rd with middle stab, 4th with another jumpstab
- Kill 4 Bots, and collect P bag (50) 134/500 xp
- Kill Red Cyclops for P bag (200)? (6th kill) and Iron Knuckle LVL 1  384 XP
- Use key, get CANDLE!
- Kill Two Bots  388 XP
- Go up Elevator, and head right
- Kill Bot, go down elevator 390 XP
* Optional Fairy right of Elevator
- Kill Iron Knuckle LVL 1, and two Stalfo LVL 1, Level up Attack 0 XP
- Kill Red Cyclops and Iron Knuckle LVL 1 (6th Kill), cancel level. XP MUST BE 50 or HIGHER here
- Kill Horsehead, cancel level, get Key 100+/1000 XP
- Return Crystal, Level up Attack

Status After Parapa Palace

Attack Level 4 - Magic Level 1 - Health Level 1
Magic Containers 5 - Heart Containers 4 - Keys 0
Title: Re: Adventures of Link SS Route
Post by: Zeo on February 03, 2011, 10:01:49 PM
i know this is old, but I came to the same conclusions, and here's how I finished for a TG verified 1:42:59 no warping 100% run.

Attack Level 4 - Magic Level 1 - Health Level 1
Magic Containers 5 - Heart Containers 4 - Keys 0

I don't remember which names go with which towns, so...

continuing toward Hammer caves, avoiding shadows along the way:

Collect "Heart" in Parapa Plains
Collect "Trophy" in Hyrule West Desert
Collect "jump" in "Mountain Town".
Using top safe route, Get "letter" from Bagu
Swing around Long way to "River town" collecting "points bag" 100
Go to river town collect "mirroir" and life.  Refill if needed.
go through Death mountian caves, killing everything as you come on it.  
Follow the normal route, but make sure to go after the second "Red Axe Monster"
You will riase attack to level 5
Collect "Hammer"
Collect "Magic Jar"
come back up the route to "Seaside town"
Collect "down thrust"
go to caves north of town, collect "heart" and "points bag" 200
Go to "Grass town" and collect "shield"
Go to palace 2
Raise attack to 6(THIS IS THE HARDEST PART OF THIS RUN, it has to go almost perfectly)
IF it does and there's 200 or more points left, raise life to 2. skip 3
Set crystal raise attack to 7
collect Water of Life and Fairy spell
Go to palace 3, raise life and magic 2 levels each, but make sure you have enough points left to skip and set crystal and raise attack to 8.
Collect "water" and Collect "fire" spell.
Go to maze island Collect "child"
using the shadow skip glitch, go to "Desert town" and collect s"reflect" and "Up thrust"
Return to Maze island and collect "magic Jar" clear palace 4, skipping all levels, and collect "boots" and  9000 from crystal.  raise "life" as far as you can, use the left overs on "Magic"
Repeat with palace 5 and Collect "flute"
Use shadow skip and fairy to navigate to SW Hyrule.
Go to "Kausto Hidden"
Collect last "Majic Jar" and "spell" and "Magic key".
"collect magic jar and Key
Go to Three eye Desert and collec "Heart"
Cap off magic in palace 6, either by using life or attack maxed out or directly.
go to "Kausto ruined", collect Thunder
USe shadow skip to reach "Great palace".
Defeat great palace.

No extra lives are REQUIRED.  However taking the" extra lives" in the graveyard and by the enterence to maze island are the quickest.
Title: Re: Adventures of Link SS Route
Post by: Razor7581 on March 14, 2011, 08:35:04 AM
Didn't want to bother making a new topic, but I just remembered this trick I found a few years back. If you get hit by one of those black things just as you enter the first bend after the River Devil, you can skip one or two of the areas with all of the lizalfos. Hard to do; don't know about saving time, but I thought I might as well document it here.
 (http://img683.imageshack.us/img683/1158/adventureoflinktrick.png) (http://img683.imageshack.us/i/adventureoflinktrick.png/)

Title: Re: Adventures of Link SS Route
Post by: mzxrules on March 15, 2011, 10:03:35 PM
Razor, that trick is old as fuck.  ;D
Title: Re: Adventures of Link SS Route
Post by: Zeo on April 03, 2011, 04:21:07 AM
I just turned 29..so that trick just turned 20?  ;D

but shadow skipping is truly a BIG DEAL, saves tons of time.  downside is if you need those experience points for any reason...